For many women in America, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, an annual televised event that has been on the air since 2001, is a must-watch. The show, which takes place each holiday season, is an opportunity for the company to show its newest looks in an artistic and couture setting. People interested in the brand wait excitedly for the show and hope to see their favorite models in it. For a model, being cast in the annual event is a highly coveted honor and a way to quickly become a household name. Some of the models cast even become Victoria Angels and get the chance to wear wings, marking them as a top model of their generation.

Naturally, the models picked for the show generate much publicity, gossip, and sometimes scrutiny, as well.

One piece of criticism directed towards the show has been the lack of diversity in models chosen. The typical models picked to walk the ramps were white, blonde women and many Fans deemed this to be primitive in today's culturally diverse world.

Diversity is a key element viewers are watching for

Fans made their views known, and the directors of the 2016 show took notice. For the first time, an African American model, Maria Borges, walked the fashion show with her natural hair, no extensions added. This well-received change marked the beginning of a shift in the brand's marketing campaign, as the brand noticed that diversity was a fundamental need to strengthen their fan base.

Now, in 2017, the directors of the show have hired the most diverse group of models to date. Over half of the models are Women of Color, and only half of the white models are the stereotypical blonde girl-next-doors so often associated with Victoria's Secret. By including a diverse group of women, Victoria's Secret has moved its brand a step in the right direction.

The voice of fans is a motivating factor for directors

The inclusion of a diverse cast of models also shows that the opinion of fans is taken into consideration when planning shows. Without the push from their fan base, Victoria's Secret might not have diversified their show, or the change might have taken place later on. Fans held an important role in an inspiration for a diversified show.

The models who walk in the iconic Victoria's Secret Fashion Show are some of the most talented of our generation. Now, thanks to the diversification of Victoria's Secret runway, more deserving women will be given the opportunity to show their talent and beauty to the world.