After Anna Faris and Chris Pratt released a joint statement about ending their marriage, the mother-of-one took to her podcast for the first time to talk about their separation. The 40-year-old actress revealed that being an actress has its downsides because she said that laughing while filming a show feels forced after she and Pratt have decided to end their eight-year marriage.

Faris maintains a podcast titled “Anna Faris Unqualified” and she usually talks about her personal life.

Details on Faris’ statement

According to People, Faris first thanked her listeners who have sent their support after she and Pratt announced they were separating despite making their marriage work for a long time.

The announcement of their separation was made public on August 6 via their social media accounts.

The podcast was pre-taped. According to The Sun, she told a caller that she made some mistakes in her marriage with Pratt and seemingly blamed herself for her failed relationship with the “Jurassic Park” actor. She also said that life is too short for someone to be with another who does not have his or her back or to be with somebody who does not fully value the counterpart in the relationship.

Faris also told the caller that she should not be afraid of the future as she is still young and she is in Los Angeles where there are a lot of amazing people.

The last advice she gave the caller was for her to “know your worth, know your independence.”

Faris talked about feeling lonely living in the public eye before split

In the last podcast of Faris, Huffington Post reported that she talked about how it was lonely for her to be living in the public eye. She noted that she plays a public character on a show called “MOM” and her character sometimes has to laugh out loud.

Faris said because of the loneliness she feels, which she believes is an internal element of being a performer, she also feels like she has to force herself to laugh.

Back in another podcast episode of Faris in May, she talked about Pratt not having enough time for his family because of his busy schedule. Pratt and Faris have a four-year-old son named Jack.

Their son will celebrate his fifth birthday this August.

Faris revealed then that her relationship with Pratt could be classified as long distance as he is always away for work. She noted that it was advantageous in some aspects like making one appreciate the time they have together but living apart most of the time is a high price to pay.