With a soulful and spirit-filled ballad, independent artist SWEEDiSH LOVE brings a fresh sound to R&B with her new track titled: “All That I Need” produced by Bellringer. Bellringer is a hit producer with songs on "Power" and "Empire". I first encountered the song via Twitter. SWEEDiSH asked me to listen to her song; I did and instantly loved it. Sometimes it takes a while for me to warm up to certain music. With this tune that was not the case. This record is catchy and melodic. The words are seductive and the beat carries the lyrics from beginning to end.

As Featured on 'Power' Season 4

“All That I Need” was featured on "Power" season 4, episode 407 titled “You Lied to my Face," in the intimate scene when Terry Silver, (Ghost’s attorney) and Tasha St. Patrick made love for the first time. If you are a “Power” fan like I am then you know throughout the seasons Tasha experienced a lot of pain, infidelity, and tribulation with her husband Ghost. In this scene Tasha arrives at Silver's House, he tells her that she should leave as the record begins to play in the background. Tasha asks, "what if I had never met James, what if I had met you first?" One thing leads to another and they begin to kiss and make passionate love. This scene is steamy and sensual and "All That I Need" fits perfectly with the moment.

Soulful Love Music

"Are You Ready" is about a woman and a man who have strong chemistry. Listening to the song gives vibes of a powerful love connection. The song starts off with a woman who awakes to the sound of her lover pulling up. As he arrives he wakens her spirit as well. This woman has had her fair share of crazy relationships in the past and have waited for that special someone to enter her life.

She believes that she has found it with this man who satisfies all of her needs.

I can surely relate to this record, it is a song that feels good. I am a hopeless romantic and love the idea of two people being madly in love. Love is a dynamic that creates a powerful bond between two people. This song signifies that. There are a few metaphors within the song that speak to the strong ties that a man and woman share.

“I follow your lead, oh I'm fading, I'm weak I'm taking my seat, you're all that I need…” This woman has given herself to this man in a way that allows her man to take the lead. She trusts her lover and is vulnerable with him; she is now satisfied and pleased. She has completely fallen in love with this man and she asks him, “are you ready?”

Bellringer feat. SWEEDiSH receives great reviews on iTunes with an average of 5 stars across the board. This song is worthy to add to your playlist. I love it, I applaud DEELiSH for her artistry, soulful voice, and heartfelt music.