A US teenager has been dress coded for trying to replicate one of her idols Zendaya's outfit. The teenager claimed that her principal shamed her and made her feel small when she was told her outfit was too provocative for school. The teenager took to social media to express her confusion and her disappointment as she explained that she had not broken any of the Dress Code violations for her school.

The high school student did not break any of the dress code regulations

According to the Daily Mail, a high school teenager by the name of Hannah Whitley got dress coded by her school's principal for her Zendaya inspired outfit.

Whitley posted a photograph of her outfit accompanied by an image of the original outfit that Zendaya wore and the public is confused as to why she was not allowed to wear the outfit on school premises.

Hannah Whitley appears confused herself as she posted the images and added her own comment stating that she wanted to look like Zendaya with a question mark. She stated that she got a dress code violation from her principal because the outfit in question was too provocative despite the fact that it did not break any of the dress code rules for the high school.

The outfit, which the teen wore, included full-length tan pants, shoes and a striped tank top. Whitley has explained that she was not reprimanded because she was showing her arms.

Hannah stated that she knows she did not break any rules and that her principal was insinuating that she was wearing the outfit to get attention from boys. Hannah claimed that this was not what she wanted and that she merely wanted to appear sophisticated and cute like her idol.

Zendaya heard about the incident and reached out to Whitley

According to Brit Co, Zendaya took to social media to reach out to Hannah Whitney and stated that she did not look provocative. The celebrity was incredibly surprised that Hannah was written up for trying to replicate her outfit and expressed this on her Twitter account.

Zendaya took the time to state that Hannah Whitney was not in the wrong and that the teenager looked amazing. Hannah replied to this comment stating that she felt shamed when her principal told her, her outfit was inappropriate. However, after the support she received from her idol she revealed that she now felt empowered by the experience.

Many other members of the public also took to social media to express their support for Whitley including her own aunt. Her aunt stated that her principal did not want her wearing the outfit because the principal wishes that they could look that good.

Zendaya is a strong advocate for female empowerment, appears to have made Hannah Whitley feel more reassured, and empowered through her interaction with the teenager.