It has been confirmed that Katy Perry has asked Noah Cyrus if she wants to be an opening act on her upcoming "Witness" tour. Cyrus has agreed to be a part of the tour and will be joining Perry for the North American leg. This is a great opportunity for Cyrus to perform in front of large audiences.

Perry hires Noah Cyrus as part of her 'Witness' Tour

According to WWD, it has been confirmed that singer Noah Cyrus will be joining Katy Perry on her upcoming "Witness" tour. Noah Cyrus will be part of the Opening Acts of the tour alongside other artists such as Carly Rae Jepsen and Purity Ring on the North American leg of the tour.

The tour is set to being on September 19 and will be ending two months later in November. The schedule of the "Witness" tour had to be pushed back and Katy Perry has come forward to address this. Perry stated that there was nothing anyone could do to prevent the push back of the tour and has explained that the delay is due to unavoidable production delays.

Noah Cyrus is delighted to be a part of the show and her musical style will fit in nicely with the other performers. Perry is currently getting prepared to host the VMA's and will be heading out on tour afterward.

Cyrus could not be more excited and has taken to social media to express her delight

According to In Style, Noah Cyrus is delighted to have been asked to be a member of the opening acts for Katy Perry's "Witness" tour.

Cyrus has come forward through social media and admitted that Katy Perry was one of her idols when she was growing up. In a report by Refinery 29, Noah stated that she could not thank Perry enough for this opportunity.

Cyrus posted the news about her involvement in Perry's tour on her Instagram account and fans are extremely happy for the up and coming star.

Cyrus asked her fans if she could get a witness, hinting at the fact that she will be touring with Katy Perry. She then revealed the news and exclaimed her disbelief to her fans stating that she still could not believe it.

According to Hello Giggles, fans were initially expecting that Noah Cyrus would be joining her sister Miley Cyrus on tour however this is not the case.

Noah has stated in the past that she and Miley are very different artists and that they are sick of being compared all of the time. Cyrus claimed that she and her sister are each other's biggest fans but by performing together, they will only be feeding the media frenzy, which seeks to compare them.

Katy Perry has made no comment on the addition of Cyrus to her tour but it is clear that the star thinks Cyrus is talented enough to be one of her tours opening acts.