Most of us were probably not aware of Elisabeth Moss’ involvement in Scientology, as she has mostly kept quiet about it. However, earlier this week the 35-year-old stood up for the Church of Scientology, after a fan compared it to the totalitarian discipline of Gilead in the critically-claimed series and original novel “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

Elisabeth Moss posts to Instagram ahead of Emmy Awards

Moss took to Instagram on Monday excited to share an image of herself attending an event related to “The Handmaid’s Tale,” held before the upcoming Emmy Awards.

As reported by People, Moss received an Emmy nomination for her role in the popular, relevant and dystopian Hulu series.

Moss went on to thank everyone that was at the event, saying their love and support means more to them all than she could ever express in words. Rather excitingly, Moss added that they are now going to work on season 2 of the show, which she said will “blow your minds.”

Fan compares Gilead in ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ to Scientology

Fans instantly flooded the Instagram posts with comments, praising the show and her performance and Moss spent some time responding to fans.

However, one fan, moelybanks, went on to say they loved the adaptation of the original book, but asked Moss if playing the role makes her “think twice about Scientology.” The Instagram user went on to state that both Scientology and Gilead, the fictional location of the series, believe all outside sources are evil or wrong, including the media.

Moss quickly responded to the comment saying it wasn’t true of Scientology. She said religious tolerance and freedom, equal rights for every religion, race and creed, are all extremely important to her. While thanking the Instagram user for an interesting question she stressed that this is the reason why “The Handmaid’s Tale” and Gilead hit her on such a personal level.

The fan came back, thanking Moss for taking the time to explain things a little, but saying “you do you” and “imma [SIC] do me”, saying if that both of them happy that’s all that matters.

Moss spoke to the Telegraph back about her introduction to Scientology in 2012, while involved in the series “Mad Men.” She said when her family introduced her to Scientology, she made a conscious decision to embrace it. Moss said it isn’t the same as going to church on Sunday, as it is self-applied and that it has helped her at times.

Leah Remini talks about Elisabeth Moss and Scientology

USA Today quotes a recent interview by The Hollywood Reporter of a fellow actress, Leah Remini, who is a former member of the Church of Scientology and is outspoken on the subject.

Remini has also been nominated for an Emmy Award and was asked how she would feel, running into Moss at the ceremony.

Remini is involved in the documentary series “Scientology and the Aftermath,” and said Moss believes she cannot talk to her. She went on to say there is something in Scientology called “acceptable truth.” She described that as members only saying what is acceptable to the public.

Remini added that Moss believes she is an “antisocial personality,” after speaking out against Scientology and she isn’t allowed to speak with her. Remini said that as she knows that, she won’t put Moss in an awkward situation, adding she will have no problem in congratulating her for her success on “The Handmaid’s Tale.” She said she doesn’t hold anything against Moss, other that the fact she is supporting an abusive group that is “destroying families.”