98 Degrees, the boy band which composed of Nick Lachey, Drew Lachey, Justin Jeffre and Jeff Timmons, has officially made an announcement on Friday that they are set to release their magical Christmas album this year, the "Let if Snow." The famous singers have opened up to Entertainment Tonight that what they are planning to put up together is their first Christmas album in four years.

To recall, the boy band has also released their first Christmas album back in October 1999, the "This Christmas." Hence, this good news is something which has left all their fans thrilled for, after four years, a new single from them will be heard again.

Christmas songs

During their interview, Drew Lachey has opened up to the reporters that making Christmas albums is one of the things that 98 Degrees has always been proud of. As of now, it has been learned that the entire band has been talking about their plans to release the said album very soon.

Further, Lachey also explained that they felt attached to their memories whenever they hear Christmas songs. Hence, since Christmas is already part of each family's tradition, their group has decided to put up an album every year that is literally magical to everybody's ears.

Meanwhile, one of their members has also revealed that they planned to come up with new songs which were never been heard before.

Apparently, their upcoming Christmas single is something that their fans should watch out for.

List of holiday songs

As part of their preparations, 98 Degrees has shared that most of them have already shared their ideas on which songs to add to their album. Meanwhile, they also revealed that the group has already come up with a list of holiday songs where they can choose the songs from.

As of now, it has been learned that the boy band will still go through their list and will pick out for their favorites. Meanwhile, Nick has also confirmed that "Let it Snow" will finally be released on October 13. Apart from their goals of featuring new songs, the album is also slated to feature the original sound track.

Further, it was also confirmed that 98 Degrees would finally mark their first 31- City Christmas tour which will officially begin on November 10 in Iowa.

As of now, the group looked forward that all these plans will push through. As they plan to have their tours, Justin also shared that they will also make their new songs a true hit this Christmas.

Entertainment Tonight has also confirmed that 98 Degrees has finally made their final schedule right now as they patiently wait for their new album to be dropped really soon.