Fans of 5 Seconds of Summer are excited as a new album is in works. The band’s lead vocalist, Luke Hemmings, has been giving subtle hints on his Twitter account about the band’s future. Apparently, Hemmings doesn't seem affected by his split with Arzaylea. Looks like he is using his pain to make new songs and a new album.

Luke Hemmings surprises fans with 5 Seconds of Summer new album

5 Seconds of Summer has been sharing some Instagram photos about the band getting back together of what we assume is a new record. This was then followed by Luke Hemmings when he used Twitter to excite fans, saying, “Cannot wait to get back out on the road, cannot wait for you guys to hear these songs we’ve been writing, miss you all” and just recently he wrote “I feel a new era coming on”.

Too much or more?

It usually takes more than a year for an artist or in this case, a band, to come up with a finished record and if Luke is teasing the comeback that can happen sooner than we expected – along with his bandmates, Calum Hood, Michael Clifford and Ashton Irwin – we can assume that they have been working like crazy secretly.

Hey Violet band admits they were inspired by the 5SOS group

While we are still counting the days before they perform again on stage, we can take a good look and listen to the group “Hey Violet” since they are closely related to the Australian band and needless to say, they also make good music fit for the ears of every millennial, generation X or even those who do not go into these labels.

“Hey Violet” is the very first band to work in 5 Seconds of Summer’s label, Hi or Hey Records and we can only hear good things from them when talking about their “mentors”.

When speaking about their music, they were actually very open to every genre saying, “We’re still experimenting with different kinds of sounds” and we can hear that from their latest single that hit Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, “Guys My Age”.

Generating your own band is somehow easy when you are acquainted with some good musicians out there who can play their own instrument, but making a name in the music scene comes with different variables and it can either lift you up or bring you down. But bands like 5SOS and Hey Violet surely make it seem easy even though they have had their own share of struggles for themselves. And with fans that many, who can stop?

5SOS member Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Michael Clifford and Ashton Irwin may drop more hints about their new records, let us make sure we hear about it.