An LGBT website reportedly turned one of youngest heirs of the British monarchy into a “Gay Icon.” The article, which ignited public outrage, was published by the website PinkNews with the headline, “People think Prince George looks fabulous in this new photo.”

In the July 25 article, the website took notice of Prince George’s alleged “feminine gesture” in the photo showing the young royal’s excitement about getting a helicopter ride during the Royal Family’s visit in Germany last month. But what really sparked the public backlash is the fact that the publication pointed out the young royal’s sexual orientation, saying the 4-year-old British prince has become a “gay icon overnight.”

‘Outrageous and sick’

Due to the controversial article, Traditional Unionist Voice (TUV) party leader Jim Allister got the attention of PinkNews chief executive Benjamin Cohen through a written letter, New York Daily News reported.

Allister is also demanding an apology, saying “sexualizing” Prince George in this manner is utterly “inappropriate.”

The Northern Irish politician added that the article, which was written by Josh Jackman, was “outrageous and sick.” Allister also said that he wanted to file a complaint against the website to the Press Standards Board of the U.K.

The site, however, is not a member of the Independent Press Standards Organization (IPSO). Apart from Allister, some readers also reacted, saying the publication should “stop looking” at the child and “predict his sexual preference,” the Daily Mail reported.

PinkNews’ response

Despite the criticism, Cohen stressed that he will not take down the “tongue-in-cheek” piece on their website.

Cohen also emphasized that they did not state that Prince William’s son is a “gay icon,” saying that came from the social media posts.

Furthermore, Cohen revealed that he was also “personally offended” by Allister’s offensive comments in his complaint letter. The site’s executive also stood firm over his decision to not remove the article from their website just because it was commanded by a conservative politician who “opposed” LGBT rights.

The author, on the other hand, stressed that the article was not a discussion of Prince George’s sexuality. According to BBC News, he underscored that becoming an LGBT icon is neither defined nor dependent on one’s sexuality, citing celebrities like Ariana Grande, Madonna, and Lady Gaga.

Kate Middleton

In other related reports, Prince George’s mother, Kate Middleton, has reportedly honored the late Princess Diana through jewelry.

US Weekly revealed that the Duchess of Cambridge does not only wear her mother-in-law’s wedding ring but also has a special memento that the Princess of Wales treasured — just like the disc plate that was etched with Prince William's name, which was given to her by Prince Charles to celebrate their son's birth in 1982.

Duchess Kate’s necklace was given by her younger sister, Pippa Middleton, in 2013 in celebration of Prince George’s birth. It featured a hand-engraved round plate etched with George’s full name and is similar to Princess Diana's. It was made by the London company, Merci Maman.