Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea have reportedly called it quits. According to a recent report from Just Jared, Luke Hemmings and his longtime girlfriend, Arzaylea have finally confirmed their split last month. Hemmings was seen at Tao nightclub in Hollywood with Michael Clifford and his girlfriend, Cyrstal Leigh, on Wednesday night, enjoying his newly found single life.

Did Arzaylea cheated on Luke Hemmings with Blackbear?

A report from Hall of Fame Magazine unveiled that Arzaylea and Luke Hemmings have finally split because of her affair with Blackbear.

The social media influencer and Blackbear reportedly hooked up at the famous Coachella music festival in April.

The dedicated fans of Hemmings were intrigued about the rumor, which is why they reportedly started their own investigation. The social media users have reportedly found a lot of proofs for the said affair. Hemmings' ex-girlfriend was seen wearing Blackbear's hip-hop shirt in a photo she shared on social media and he also commented in one of her posts on Instagram.

Arzaylea immediately denied the cheating reports on her Twitter statement. However, Hemmings seemed to believe the proofs of cheating since he unfollowed her on social media and deleted their pictures on his account. This has made the fans believe that they are no longer together anymore.

Meanwhile, leaked text messages have been making the rounds which confirmed that Arzaylea cheated on Hemmings. Lindsay Demeola, a friend of Arzaylea confirmed the cheating reports and claimed that she was the only person who knew about the affair. The leaked messages also reached Blackbear's now ex-girlfriend, Anne Marie Morin.

Hemmings still working on a new album together with the 5 Seconds Of Summer members

The publication revealed that Luke Hemmings is still working on the 5sos band's new album. The group's new album will be released sometime this year. Unfortunately, the boys are unhappy that there are leaks about their new album's details. Ashton Irwin even revealed that he is also upset that the demos of their upcoming album can be heard and watched online.

Yet, this does not stop them from creating the best album so far.

Fans of 5 Seconds of Summer are reportedly excited to hear the new album of the band. There is no doubt that Luke Hemmings and the rest of the boys are also excited to let their fans hear their new songs.