Luke Hemmings and the rest of the 5 Seconds of Summer band members have been teasing their fans with the details of their upcoming album.

The four-member band including Luke Hemmings has surely made a name for themselves ever since they emerged as Hot Chelle Rae’s opening act during the “Whatever World Tour” back in 2012 – which was then followed by another opening act with the biggest group of 2013, One Direction.

Luke Hemmings and his 5 Seconds of Summer continues to be successful

Since then, 5 Seconds of Summer has been making progress and releasing albums and having its own world tour.

They even managed to set up a record label. After a series of votes from their fans about the label’s name, it was finalized as “Hi or Hey Records.

5SOS may have had their busy years but in 2015, they finally brought in their first band called “Hey Violet.” And just recently, the band “Hey Violet” emerged with another lyric video entitled “Hoodie”.

5SOS members inspired Hey Violet band

As they are still the only band being “mentored” by 5SOS, Hey Violet members spoke about their relationship with Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin saying, “I think they boosted our confidence as well a little bit.” Drummer and member Nia Lovelis said.

“Definitely. We started out as a very shy band.” Added lead vocalist, Rena Lovelis.

We can assume that the Australian band is doing a good job when it comes to leading their sole act.

Meanwhile, the pop punk-rock band has been teasing their fans with what seemed to be their comeback anytime soon. In their official Instagram page, the band has been posting videos and pictures of them inside the studio.

They have been busy for a while after the success of their “Sounds Live Feels Live Tour” but rest assured that new music is on the way.

Although there have been no claims yet if it is an album or a single.

Fans started realizing that 5SOS is coming back soon when lead vocals, Luke Hemmings – with his overgrown curls and beard – posted a short Boomerang video where he seems to be in a recording studio. It was then followed by a black and white photo of what we assume to be Ashton Irwin – because he was tagged in the caption – doing the same thing yet turning away from the camera.

And then the most recent video was posted with every member involved. Since the band is teasing those who are curious about their “new stuff”, it was muted. But we can all agree that we are glad since they are working on some jam soon.

When do you think 5 Seconds of Summer is going to release their new music? Let’s hear it from them soon.