The “Spiderman” history has shown people many great pairs, not only onscreen but also during the off-screen moments of the stars. Toby Maguire dated Kirsten Dunst for years after their 2002 “Spiderman” film.

The same goes for Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, who starred together in 2012’s “The Amazing Spiderman.” Now, “Spiderman: Homecoming” co-stars Tom Holland and Zendaya were reported dating, E! News revealed.

When did Tom Holland and Zendaya’s romance start?

According to an insider, Holland and Zendaya got the chance to know each other well on the sets.

Both of them were described as great stars and a couple that would definitely compliment each other, now that they are dating. Moreover, the people on set reportedly get along with them, even describing the 23-year-old actor as the most down to earth person.

The two have not made their relationship a social media official one. However, it is obviously reaching every news outlet for awhile now. They have been photographed together during several “Spiderman: Homecoming” promotions, giving fans some serious feels about the pair.

In addition, it has been reported that despite keeping themselves out of the public, the two have actually gone on trips together. Zendaya was also rumored to be on Holland’s side when the young actor got a Spiderman-themed tattoo a few months ago in the Bang Bang Tattoo.

Why these ‘Spiderman: Homecoming’ couple are for each other

People reported that Holland and Zendaya are both ambitious. They tend to challenge each other but at the same time, they also make sure that they can have fun. As per the insider, they share a similar sense of humor where they can comfortably joke around with each other.

The couple’s relationship is yet to be confirmed but despite all the recent news, the “Spiderman: Homecoming” co-stars are not denying anything. In fact, they are happily poking each other on Twitter about everything they have read.

Before the said Spiderman film premiered, Tom Holland said a couple of things about Zendaya. “We are like the best of friends.

She’s so great and amazing,” Holland shared. He added that she has been of great help when he was a bit worried about how to handle his fame.

Holland considers Zendaya as a more experienced person regarding the matter. After all, she became famous first before he did. In line with this, there are times when he would call her up and ask “How do I manage to be famous?”

Tom Holland expressed his gratitude towards having a good friend like Zendaya. Furthermore, people will soon find out about the next developments of this “Spiderman: Homecoming” couple.