Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" say that rumors abound regarding the father of Juliet's baby. On the show, Ms. Helton insists the timeline of her pregnancy coincides with her one night of passion with a drunken Cane. Sharp viewers, however, do not agree because Cane and Juliet were together in mid-March. She did not faint and find out she was expecting until the last week in June.

Cane will be in for a surprise

Spoiler alerts allude to rumors that contend that Mr. Ashby is not Juliet's Baby Daddy. Before fans get too excited they should consider what the rumor mill did not say.

There was no mention of Cane being exonerated this week by the initial paternity test. If he were, it would wrap all of this up pretty quickly. And that certainly is a possibility. Knowing, however, the many time's paternity tests were switched viewers should take a wait and see approach. Just consider what happened with Chloe who had herself inseminated with Billy's sperm.

She came back to town with Bella and a paternity test ruled Kevin out as the little girl's father. It was assumed that the child belonged to Billy. After it was revealed that Kevin would be written out of the show Chloe had him along with Billy take another test and this one proved Kevin is Bella's dad. "The Young and the Restless" writers never gave an explanation of why the two tests yielded different results.

With Kevin leaving Genoa City there probably will not be one.

The truth regarding Juliet will eventually be revealed

Y&R fans are eager for this storyline to be over. There have been too many twists and turns. If Cane is not Juliet's baby daddy, he needs to know. The writers, however, could decide to drag this out all summer.

If they do, there will be serious damage to Cane and Lily's marriage, and it will be embarrassing for their children. Obviously, Juliet thought of none of this when she had sex with a drunken Cane.

If Juliet really is pregnant and Cane is not the father then the next question would be who is her baby daddy? Many fans of "The Young and the Restless" have indicated in online polls that they believe Juliet is lying about everything.

The truth should be revealed before Lily reverts to old patterns and sleeps with Jordan. This will open up an entirely new can of worms and bring out Hurricane Hilary in rare form.

Cane has made some mistakes, but he should not, however, be stuck with Juliet and a child that is not his. He has already been through this before with Chloe. Let's hope the rumors are correct and Cane Ashby is not the father. Viewers are tired of the same storylines all the time.