Teen Mom 2” star Kailyn Lowry is getting ready to give birth any day now. She's been tweeting updates about her pregnancy on social media and she's been informing fans that things are going great with her baby. Of course, this is a controversial pregnancy, as Kailyn decided to get pregnant on her own without the support of a man in her life. She later revealed that the father was a man named Chris Lopez, someone that fans knew very little about.

They had no idea who he was or even how they knew each other. However, it sounds like fans are convinced that someone is going to come along and play the father role for this little baby even if Chris has no interest in being the father whatsoever.

Is she being induced early?

When Kailyn announced she was pregnant with her third child, many thought her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, was the father of the baby. The two of them were speaking again after having a dramatic fallout from their divorce and it sounded like they wanted to be supportive of one another. He said several times that he wanted another baby. It was Chris Lopez who was the lucky guy chosen to become the father of her baby, but he has shown little interest in being in the child's life. Many fans have told her that she shouldn't worry because another man will come along and play the father role for these children.

Kailyn Lowry tweeted that she was excited for her date with her baby last night, possibly referring to a last-minute ultrasound this morning.

Many people tweeted to her that she shouldn't be worried about having this baby alone.

Is she truly ready for this?

Many reports in the media have discussed her being anxious in regard to raising this baby by herself. As it turns out, Lowry may be concerned about being a single mother to three sons, especially since she has to take care of the newborn by herself.

Many people believe that she just needs to find a guy who is willing to take responsibility for all of the children and be a father figure to them as they grow up. Kailyn has hinted that she is okay with being single for the rest of her life, but one can imagine that she wouldn't mind having a supportive partner who accepts her children.

Of course, Lowry is very independent. She's made her own money from starring on the MTV show “Teen Mom 2.” The show has been very successful and MTV is rumored to be paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars for the stars to film each season of the show.

The show has already been on MTV for several seasons so one can imagine that the girls are making quite a bit of money. Many of the stars have already purchased cars, homes, and had several children. Kailyn even finished a degree at the University of Delaware recently, proving that she can take care of herself.

What do you think about her fans telling her that a man will come along soon enough to care for her children? Do you think she will let a man take care of her and her newborn baby if she found someone?