Fans of "The Young and the Restless" are restless indeed. They are wondering what direction Billy Abbot (Jason Thompson) and Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) are headed in their relationship. Ever since Victoria's teenage son Reed returned to town, the ex spouses have been getting along better than ever.

Billy has been very helpful in assisting with his stepson. They are turning out to be very good friends. Billy is even respecting the boundaries his ex wife set forth, because Reed is not his biological child. Vickie and Billy are really a dynamic duo in their brash and sassy boardroom.

Fans are wondering however, why the writers are dragging out this friendship storyline, and eagerly awaiting the couples' reunion in marriage and the bedroom.

Distractions abound for this couple

Fans of this daytime drama are used to the rivalries between the Abbot's and the Newman's getting in the way of this couple's happiness. There have also been other recent distractions in the way. Recently there was a storyline where Victoria was in love with a newcomer in town, Travis. Fans were never deterred by this distraction, and continued to believed in a lovers reunion and eventual remarriage.

The writers, however, are writing this story in a long and very drawn out manner. Fans of the show are watching Billy and Victoria emerge as great friends and co-workers, without the sexual tension and longing looks.

Yes, they have a brief moment of reflection every now and then. Fans, however, are used to such couples being trapped in an elevator, or lost in a storm, where they give way to their passions.

Time alone will tell

Unfortunately, there are no hints or sneak peeks in Soap Opera news regarding this couple. Only time alone will tell where they are headed.

Perhaps the writers are preparing for something big. Perhaps the fans will be disappointed and they will continue with Ms. Newman and Mr. Abbot as simply co-workers, co-parents, and good friends.

Based on past history in Genoa City, it is most probable that Billy and Victoria will at some point get back together. Fans will just have to keep watching to find out.