Justin Bieber is temporarily not welcome to perform in China as he was banned from the country. A fan of the singer demanded an explanation as to why Bieber is not allowed in China and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture posted their answer to the demand via their website.

China cites Bieber’s bad behavior

Bieber has been in a lot of trouble in the past but has since changed his ways after realizing that he cannot live the life he did when he was younger. For the past months, the singer has not been in the news in a negative light except for his mental breakdowns during his Purpose World Tour.

He walked out several times and failed to continue his concert because the fans were not listening to him. One incident happened in Manchester back in October 2016 and Telegraph reported that the singer felt like he was being disrespected because he asked them to stop screaming but they did not.

It seems that China is not impressed with Bieber's attitude now as they cited his bad behavior both on and off stage that is why they are no longer allowing him to perform in the mainland. They did not specify any incident that could have led to their decision.

Bureau hopes Bieber will change his bad behavior

The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture said that they believe the ban is necessary because it will purify the country’s entertainment industry.

They also assured the fan that the ban is not at all permanent. They expressed that they hoped the 23-year-old “Sorry” singer would improve his ways and show better behavior. They also said that Bieber should stay out of trouble and avoid run-ins with the law.

The bureau continued to say in their statement that Bieber is a talented singer but his name is tainted with controversies.

They pointed out that Bieber’s “inappropriate manner has caused public discontent.” In the past, Bieber was arrested for DUI when he went driving in Miami. He also egged his neighbor’s home and it again made the headlines, The Los Angeles Times reported.

Bieber supposedly touring to China this September

China is part of the Asia leg of Bieber’s Purpose World Tour.

He is supposedly set to perform in mainland China this September. It is unclear for how long Bieber is banned in China and if there is any way the ban will be lifted before his September performance.

According to People, Bieber’s Asia leg will still continue. It includes stops in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, and Tokyo.

Other artists banned in China

There have been other artists in the past who were banned in China. These are Bob Dylan, Jay Z, Maroon 5, Miley Cyrus, and Oasis. In 2013, when Bieber toured in China, he was photographed being carried up to the Great Wall of China by his Chinese bodyguards. Many were offended with what he did.