Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" for Monday, July 10 indicate that the Newman siblings will be standing their ground. In certain situations, Nicholas and Victoria may not want to admit it but they are both chips off the old block. They are more like their father Victor Newman than they realize.

Victoria's plight with Lily and Cane

Last week, Victoria felt she had no choice except to fire Cane Ashby because of his many deceptions. Spoilers indicate that Lily, who is the Brand spokesperson for "Brash and Sassy," will come to her husband's defense.

Although she is angry with him for lying to her, Lily still loves Cane and will want Victoria to reconsider releasing him from his job. Ms. Newman, however, is not going to be in a mood to listen to Lily.

It's becoming clear to viewers that Victoria is beginning to operate more like her father every day. Vicky is concerned with the bottom line where business is concerned. Cane cost her a lot of money and now she views him as a liability. Victoria will more than likely continue to stand her ground and will probably not reconsider her decision to fire Cane. Spoiler alerts do not indicate if Lily will resign should Victoria not rehire her spouse.

Nick and Nikki butt heads

On Thursday, Nick Newman proved that he has a lot of his father's resolve to get to the bottom of things.

He pressured Tessa into telling him that his mother Nikki had a flare-up regarding her MS. Nicholas goes to talk to his mom and demands she cancel the benefit concert. He is concerned the stress is too much for her and Nikki will not be able to perform. Mrs. Newman refuses to cancel but Nick does not back down. They continue to argue and eventually, Nick realizes his mother is not going to listen to him.

Nicholas watches as his mother plays a tune on her piano gracefully without incident and he decides to leave.

As he is going out the door, he looks back and can see that she is struggling. Her hands are curling up and Nikki looks to be in pain and begins missing notes on the piano. Spoiler alerts indicate that Nick, just like his sister, will stand his ground.

He may even issue an ultimatum to Nikki and threaten to tell Victor if she does not cancel the show. Victor, however, is of the same mindset as his wife. They both believe the show must go on but for different reasons. Victor is trying to win his wife back and Nikki wants to prove she can make it through the concert. Tune in Monday to CBS for "The Young and the Restless" to see who will win the battle of the minds.