Last night the fans saw Rachel Lindsay send home Dean Unglert. This was really hard on her to do. The fans have been giving her a hard time ever since wondering how she could break Dean's heart. In her People blog, Rachel admitted that she cried a lot and this was difficult on her to do.

Rachel started out saying that she does remember when she brought Nick Viall to her hometown and this was a lot of pressure on her because that is the point when their relationship really deepened. She knew that each relationship would change this week either for better or worse.

What did Rachel have to say about sending Dean home?

She loved going on the ATV ride with Dean because it let her show him her country side. It sounds like she had a good time with him on the date even though she sent him home. She could tell right away that Dean was having anxiety anytime that they talked about family, so she knew this wasn't easy on him. When they stopped and had drinks with his friends, then he really lit up.

rachel lindsay shared that she cried on the entire flight to Dallas and then even cried the day of the rose ceremony leading up to it. Rachel didn't want to break a heart again, but of course, she had no choice but to do it. If she wanted to find her man, she would have to send another one home.

She admits that sending Dean home was hard, but the one she has to do next week is hard as well. Things are getting real and she is going to be sending two more guys home before it is over.

What did she think of Dean Unglert's family?

Rachel admits that Dean expected her to be surprised going into his family home, but she was actually really comfortable there.

She did share that Dean wanted her to see the dysfunction he avoids with his family. Rachel actually felt really comfortable with his family. She shared saying, "I’ve said it before that I’m a free spirit and environments like this I find hospitable. From the gong cleansing ceremony to the homemade daal, I felt well within my comfort zone."

Are you surprised that sending Dean Unglert home was so hard on Rachel Lindsay?

Did you think that he would make it to the end? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "The Bachelorette" on Monday nights on ABC. Dean will be back on "Bachelor in Paradise" and fans are hoping that if he doesn't find love there, that he could end up getting cast as "The Bachelor," but they haven't picked their leading man just yet.