For close to a month, Chelsea Newman has been like a dog with a bone. She would not let go of her intent to find her former BFF Chloe Mitchell Fisher. Chelsea left no stone unturned and last week her tenacity paid off. Chelsea finally found the woman who murdered her husband. Unfortunately, Chloe seemingly had taken her own life. And now the widow of Adam Newman is guilt ridden.

Victor Newman is pulling the strings

Chelsea does not realize it but everything she has been dealing with for the past 6 or 7 months is the fault of her Father In Law Victor Newman.

It was he who had Chloe released far too soon from a mental health facility and used her to frame his son Adam for murder. Chloe never forgave Adam for the hit and run that killed her daughter Delia. When Adam did not stay incarcerated Chloe murdered him. Chelsea found out what her roommate had done just after Chloe married Kevin. When confronted Chloe hit Kevin over the head and ran away.

Victor helped Chloe leave town because he did not want her to expose his role in framing Adam. Once Chloe was gone Nick Newman filled his dad in on the fact that Chloe blew up the cabin with his brother and Victor's son inside.Victor, Nick, Nikki, and Victoria agreed to not let anyone else find out that the Newman Patriarch is responsible for the death of his own son.

Chelsea the one who needs to know the whole truth was left in the dark. And now Chloe is dead or is she?

The games the Newman family play are costly

Victor found Chloe after she ran away and had her under the care of a psychiatrist in his home. When Nick and Chelsea come calling the good doctor says he had no idea Chloe was a murder.

He says if he had he would never have signed release papers. And insists he has no idea where Ms. Mitchell is now. Chelsea spots a drawing on his table and recognizes it is Chloe's work. Later she gets Nick to call the doctor to meet him away from his home while she doubles back. This is when Chelsea finds Chloe unresponsive on the floor.

Adam Newman's widow is now regretting her relentless pursuit of the woman who murdered her spouse. She is also guilt-ridden believing Chloe's death is her fault. Chelsea has no idea that Chloe's death may have been faked. She is clueless to what Victor as done and how much of it Nick knows and has withheld from her. Chelsea is dealing with pain and emotional baggage that is not her responsibility. And it is about to get worse.

It is entirely possible that Chloe's alleged suicide has been staged. Victor Newman loves playing games with people and toying with their affections. This may be just another way for Chelsea's father in law to cover his tracks. Viewers will be wise to pay attention to clues regarding the manner in which Chloe's funeral or lack thereof is handled.