WWE's Shane Mcmahon was thanking the man upstairs today after he was safely plucked out of the Atlantic Ocean when the helicopter he was riding in crashed off the shore of a New York beach. Both McMahon and the pilot were rescued after the crash and brought back to dry land. The helicopter came down in the water off the shore of Gilgo Beach in New York, according to Bleacher Report. Shane McMahon is the commissioner of WWE's Tuesday night show, "SmackDown Live," following in his famous dad's footsteps.

Helicopter goes down

Vince McMahon is the WWE chairman, both he and his son moved up the ranks to management in the WWE.

Shane was one of only two people on the Robinson R-44 helicopter. The copter was equipped for landing on water with pontoon skids. According to ABC News, there is no word on what brought the helicopter down, but an investigation is underway. The helicopter crashed about half a mile off the New York beach at about 10:30 this morning.

Noise, then copter hit the water

Shane was with Mario Regtien, who was the pilot of the craft. Both men escaped the crash without injury. The pilot told reporters that they heard some noise and it soon became very clear to him that he could no longer pilot the plane. Regtien sent out a Mayday call just before he crashed into the Atlantic Ocean and that call was picked up by a commercial jet headed for JFK Airport in New York.

The pilot on the passenger jet radioed the FAA.

Life jackets

When the emergency responders arrived both the pilot and McMahon were wearing life jackets. Two lifeguards, along with NYPD's Aviation and SCUBA units answered the call, so there were plenty of people responding to the emergency. According to ABC News, it was two lifeguards who picked up the two crash survivors and brought them back to shore.

The incident left McMahon shaken, he told reporters that it was "very unsettling" when out of the blue you have something happen like that.

Emergency landing

He said how he went from riding along as a passenger to saying to himself that they were going to do an emergency landing in the ocean. He credits the pilot for keeping him calm through the whole thing.

He said that Mario remained calm and collected as he made an emergency landing on open water.

McMahon said he heard a "bang" and that's when he realized something was wrong. Despite staying calm throughout the ordeal, he did say it was "very unnerving." McMahon was happy to be safe, he took to the social media to say just how happy he was to get through the ordeal.

'Man upstairs'

McMahon was happy to be safe, he took to social media to say just how happy he was to get through the ordeal unscathed. He also thanked all involved in the rescue.

He said that Mario, the pilot, was very good with him during the emergency, explaining everything that was happening and everything he was about to do.

His biggest thank you was to "the man upstairs" who McMahon believes was the ultimate life-saving entity in the ordeal. The pictures of the helicopter on the water show it sitting upright on its platoons.