The U.S. Women's Open Golf Tournament was held at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, on Sunday. For the weeks leading up to the event, critics claimed that the Women's Open should be held somewhere else, but that didn't change a thing.

This golf event was awarded to Trump's club back in 2012 at a time where the words "Donald Trump" and "president" were not even whispered together. As the Daily Beast writer reminds her readers, it was also at a time before "Trump’s pervasive sexism was a matter of national concern."

Is it all about Trump?

According to The Daily Beast, this event fell just short of making history this year when amateur Hye-Jin Choi tied with the leaders as they were rounding the last holes.

At 17-years-old, if this amateur did win the tournament, then she would have made history as the first amateur ever to do so. She didn't, but Trump was tweeting about it as the tournament went along. It certainly would have been great publicity for his golf club there in New Jersey if it did occur.

If it stood still, it had a Trump logo on it

Instead of the players and their scores this year, will the U.S. Women's Open Golf Tournament be remembered as something else? It might, according to Erin Gloria Ryan from the Daily Beast. Apparently, that would be Donald Trump himself. Ryan seems to have a keen eye, and she took note of things that might ordinarily slip by the average person.

One of those things was the placement of items sporting the Trump logo.

Trump's logo was on everything the golf shop had to offer. The small and rather tasteful-size logos on the shirts and items in the front of the store gave way to big and bold Trump logos the further inside you ventured.

Trump wasn't in the shadow

Once leaving the shop, Ryan writes that Trump was everywhere, even if he wasn't there in person at one given spot, something with his name or image was.

She likened him to a lord overseeing his kingdom from an "odd temporary viewing tent." He had a golf cart that looked more like something designed for the pope, which "sat conveniently close to the clubhouse" where the VIPs gathered.

Supporters or golf fans?

One of Trump's tweets thanked "all of the supporters" who showed up at the golf tournament, and Ryan writes that it apparently never occurred to Trump that these were not supporters, but fans of women's golf.

They hadn't shown up to support him, but to watch some of the best female golfers in the world play the game.

No matter where Trump goes, it seems protesters follow, and this event in New Jersey was no different. Trump saw all the people at the tournament as his supporters, and they outnumbered the protestors, which he conveyed in one of his tweets.

Ryan from the Daily Beast reminds Trump in her article that this was simply not the case. The people were fans of women's golf and not there for the sake of supporting his politics.