Ann Coulter and Delta Airlines were in a heated Twitter war after the conservative commentator was ousted from her pre-booked seat and offered $30 for her troubles. This is the outspoken commentator Ann Coulter, who is often seen on Fox News, she's not your average run-of-the-mill compliant airline passenger. With that said, Delta had to be aware that what she spewed on Twitter would eventually dribble down to the masses on social media and then flow into the headlines.

Coulter's seat was given away to another woman on the flight and the reasons, which may have been medical or personal for that woman, were not divulged by Delta.

Instead of letting it go and maybe sit with the mindset that this woman may have needed this seat for a very good reason, Coulter's claws emerged on Twitter.

Maybe Coulter's parents never gave her the speech about being a considerate driver, one that would fall in place nicely in this circumstance. The lesson goes like this:

If a driver behind your car is honking the horn for you to get a move on, don't shoot them the bird, don't go slower to aggravate them even more, just pull over. Instead of getting mad, think about what might be going on in that car with the driver. Maybe a woman is about to have a baby, maybe they need to get to the hospital right away, it could be that the passenger is having a heart attack, or maybe they are just an idiot on the road.

But still, air on the side of caution and show some empathy... move over without retaliation.

Delta offered to refund Coulter the $30 she paid for a seat that provided extra leg room on the flight, but all that did was put Coulter in an all-out war mode against the airline and the poor woman who got her seat. Coulter had the nerve to take a picture of the woman now in her seat and write some disparaging words when tweeting the woman's picture online.

Delta responded on Twitter, calling her out for her "unacceptable" insults toward the airline, the passengers, and Delta employees. To many on the social media sites today, this sounds like the not-so-friendly skies by the time Ann Coulter was through with her tweets.

When Ann Coulter sinks her teeth into something, she doesn't let go and this tirade of tweets against Delta started Saturday, with her last tweet at 2 a.m.

on Monday morning. Wait... the day is young and Coulter is more than likely just getting out of bed.

Cranky over leg room?

Coulter was forced to give up additional leg room on a flight, by having her seat changed, according to the Daily Mail. To say that Coulter was unhappy with the new seat arrangement is an understatement, as the woman sounded furious.

The outspoken commentator not only conveyed her fury in a tweet, but she took pictures of the other passengers in her area as well as the airline attendants to apparently prove her point on her cramped surroundings. Coulter carried on for such a long time and she was relentless in her attempt to bash Delta. Believe it or not, she soon became the #1 trend on Twitter, as the tweets below convey.

Insults for everyone

She tweeted her despair out to her 1.6 million followers, which was something that didn't sit well with the folks at Delta. 'We're sorry you did not receive the preferred seat you paid for and will refund your $30," Delta tweeted back to Coulter, but they also told her they found it "unacceptable" that she was tweeting about their other customers and their employees.

It seems as if that $30 refund was an insult to Coulter. In her last tweet, she asked the airline that if they actually thought this entire event was just over $30 then why didn't they just leave the other woman in her seat and hand her the $30. Then she could have stayed in the seat that she pre-booked. Despite Ann Coulter being a bit uncomfortable, she had a smooth flight compared to this poor guy seen here.

Coulter the talk of social media

Coulter's barrage of tweets was like rapid gunfire over this rather quick flight from New York to Florida. She insulted the woman who got her seat, calling her "Dachshund-legged." Apparently, that was in reference to the woman's legs being short in comparison to Coulter's very long limbs.

Coulter took pictures of the woman and posted them online. She even went as far as saying she was going to have a radio show call Delta the next day and question them over the incident.

It literally looked as if Coulter was having some type of mini-crisis over her seat and the folks from across the social media sites blasted her for this tirade. Ann Coulter did not know if there was possibly some medical or personal reason the woman needed this seat, one that was none of her business and one that Delta couldn't divulge, but still, she kept on with this Twitter war.