Abby Lee Miller began her 366-day prison sentence yesterday. The “Dance Moms” star surrendered herself on Wednesday, about two hours before the 2:00 P.M. deadline. The reality star arrived via a black suburban at 12:05 pm at the Fci Victorville facility in Victorville, California.

Miller’s attorney, Robert Ridge told the ABC News that yesterday was “an extremely emotional day” for the 50-year-old star.

Despite the pain, the star builder has also learned to accept the need to begin serving her sentence that is why she willingly surrendered herself to go behind bars.

In another report by TMZ, the reality show producer seems to be trying to make things lighter for herself. She made fun of her situation by telling the reporters and photographers that at least, she would be having free rent for the next months.

Still a star inside the female correctional facility?

Sources told ET that cameras from Lifetime production have captured the arrival and entry of Miller in the correctional institution. Although the prison does not allow cameras inside the facility, the cameraman was able to follow the choreographer as far as possible inside the FCI.

Apparently, Miller has done a special show for Lifetime regarding her sentence. The prison footage taken yesterday will also be included in the special, which is still set to air soon.

In an interview with ET last Saturday, Miller has confirmed that her turning into the facility will be documented by Lifetime. The reality star revealed that she has made a four-year contract and documenting her surrender to the FCI is very important to the production company.

Moreover, it seems that the controversial star has plans to turn the prison ward into a dance studio. She also mentioned in the interview that she will probably have a chance to do dance lessons behind the bars too.

Miller’s sentence

She was indicted for bankruptcy fraud to serve a year and one day in federal prison. In May this year, Miller was declared guilty and was originally sentenced in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

However, she requested to push back the original June 30 deadline and was granted to be extended up to July 12 and changed to the FCI in California.

After her 366-day sentence, Miller will not be completely free yet. Chief Judge Joy Flowers Conti has also ordered the star to serve two more years outside prison but on strict supervision. Aside from this, she was also required to pay a fine of $40,000.