The World War Ii movie “Dunkirk” directed by Christopher Nolan is expected to become a blockbuster because he has already carved a niche for himself by his movies like “Inception”, “Interstellar” and “The Dark Knight” trilogy. Obviously, his fans would be waiting for his latest creation which could stand out among the offerings that mostly go in for out of the world characters like robots and superheroes. It could create a new market to compete against the culture of alien spaceships and extraterrestrials.

The story in brief

New Zealand Herald reports that the story of “Dunkirk” is about mass scale evacuation of allied troops from a beach in France during World War II and the cast has many fresh faces.

Prominent among them is Harry Styles, a pop star from Britain and Christopher Nolan has introduced his unique concepts to make it more acceptable to his audience.

The time was in June 1940, and the Americans had not yet joined the war. Thousands of allied troops were stranded on the French coast by the Nazis and they had to be rescued. They had to cross the English Channel to get back home and Britain drew up a plan to achieve that objective by using a flotilla of hundreds of civilian boats.

The plan of getting the troops back was a three-pronged process – by land, sea, and air. The land portion was to be handled by a group of young soldiers who were stranded on the beach. When it came to the sea, it was by a pleasure boat and its captain was Oscar-winner Mark Rylance of “Bridge of Spiesfame.

The aerial activities were conducted by a squadron of Spitfire aircraft that provided the air cover – it was led by Tom Hardy.

The positives of the movie

Christopher Nolan has high hopes for “Dunkirk” and, in his opinion, the dogfight sequences will keep the audience spellbound because such action packed scenes are seldom seen in the movies of today.

The trend at present is to go in for computer graphics and animation but in “Dunkirk” Nolan went in for the real stuff to impart authenticity. The mid-air action had real Spitfires engaged in dogfights.

The land component of the story has a whole team of unknown young actors and the exception is singer Harry Styles of the pop group One Direction.

He is making his acting debut through “Dunkirk” and there is a feeling that his presence would attract the younger generation but, Styles does not attach too much importance to that. Incidentally, the movie does carry some personal relevance for him because his grandfather was in the RAF and must have seen World War II from close quarters.