Hey, "Shadowhunters" fans. We were able to track down a few spoilers for the upcoming episode 15 of this current season 2. Things are not going to be quite right with Simon. Elsewhere, Alec and company will be real busy with Valentine. These new spoiler teasers were revealed by Freeform's latest teaser synopsis via Spoiler TV.

A problem of memory

The title of this episode is revealed to be, "A Problem Of Memory." They started out their official description with the very interesting Simon storyline. It turns out that he is going to possibly start being evil or something.

They describe his latest endeavors as going down a dark path! What will this dark path entail? Will he go too far with it? Those are the burning questions for this particular plotline.

Freeform didn't mention any other details about it. So, it's possible that we could see a glimpse of his new dark path in the new preview clip that's expected to release later on tonight. If not, we'll surely have to wait until this episode airs to see exactly how that situation will play out. The one thing that is for sure is it should offer up a pretty intriguing and possibly intense twist to this whole thing.

Getting everything ready

Next, they revealed that we're going to see a major preparation scene at some point.

It will involve Alec and the rest of the Shadowhunters getting everything ready to make sure they can transport Valentine to another location without any problems. Will all their preparations pay off? Or will they still run into problems? Knowing the nature of this show it's highly possible that the latter will happen. We'll have to wait and see to be sure though.

Alec and Magnus are about to kiss

Spoiler TV was also able to get their hands on some promotional pictures that Freeform released for episode 15. One of them features Magnus and Alec having a very intimate moment as they're about to kiss. We don't know if this kiss gets interrupted at the last minute. However, if it doesn't, they're surely going to kiss.

So, expect to also see Magnus in this episode.

Clary's serious conversation with Simon

Next, there is a photo that features Clary having a very serious conversation with Simon. Hopefully, she'll be able to stop him from going too far down this dark path he's supposed to be on. Raphael is also spotted in a scene with Simon. So, it looks like Simon is going to get quite a bit of screentime in this one.

Isabelle is featured in a few of the photos. Apparently, she will have a few scenes with Alec. Also, Sebastian shows up in one of the same scenes. So, we'll be seeing those three have another conversation at some point. Lastly, characters Jace and Aline Penhallow are in a few of the photos. Aline is in a scene with Isabelle.

Jace is spotted having a one-on-one conversation with both Alec and Isabelle at separate times. We can confirm that episode 15 is scheduled to air on Monday, July 10, 2017 at 7 pm central time on Freeform. Yep, for some reason, they are skipping next week. So, be sure to make note of that.