We can finally answer that big important question that all "Walking Dead" fans have been asking. "When will "The Walking Dead" Season 8 begin officially airing this fall on AMC?

More lives to be lost in Season 8 of The Walking Dead, whose days are numbered this season?

Look no further; the confirmed The Walking Dead Season 8 debut date has been set for October 22, 2017. We know this is a little later than usual, in the past few years, the AMC hit drama has started just around mid-October.

As previously reported, last week there was talk around TWD rumor mill of a later start for the show.

The reason was given as to why the Walking Dead could start later is due to Fear the Walking Dead's scheduled return for their season 3B episodes on September 10. It looks as if the rumors were true. Cheer up though, it could be worse. It could have been set for October 29th.

Now let's look into some potential spoiler news, according to Express C.U. life for Rick and the group is starting looking up a bit. Hey, have made some important new allies, and have a plan take down Negan .

Entertainment Weekly recently spoke with Scott M. Gimple who told then fans would see a different Rick in Season 8. He is feeling confident and focussed on the plans for "all out war" believing that one day soon they will be rid of Negan.

Rick vs. Negan in 'All Our War.'

Fans are well aware that over the years we have seen Rick's personality change drastically depending on the group's situation. It is safe to assume that a more relaxed, and confident Rick is opening the door to mass destruction. Will happy Rick equal a painful loss? When ever Rick gets too comfortable tragedy strikes close to home.

Does this mean that Carl, Judith or Michonne's days could be numbered? Every time the group feels that they have it all figured out and are safe to let their guard down a bit, they get hit with a new adversary and loss of lives. There has also been word Steven Yeun has been spotted on the filming set a couple of times, does this mean fans will see Glenn in Season 8, perhaps as Maggie is giving birth, in a dream, or some other wild way?

However it may be done, fans are very happy at the thoughts of possibly seeing Glenn again.

Remember at this time nothing other than the Season 8 debut date has been officially confirmed, so at this point, anything can happen. The "Walking Dead Season 8 teaser trailer will be released on Friday, July 21st during the San Diego Comic-Con so at that time fans will have more of an inside look at what we can expect.

Don't forget to mark your calendars! "The Walking Dead" returns to AMC on October 22.