The Season 6 "Little Women La" reunion show will end on a low note for Briana Renee. Matt Grundhoffer's other woman will be taking the stage and that alone should make this a very heavy episode. What makes things even worse is that Stephania, who admits to cheating with Matt, refuses to apologize to Briana for interfering with her marriage.

Matt Grundhoffer exposed for cheating again

Monsters and Critics reported that during the Season 6 "Little Women LA" reunion show, Matt admitted to kissing a woman named Stephania while he was married to Briana Renee.

This isn't the first time that Matt has been caught with his pants down (pun intended.) Now fans of the Lifetime hit are waiting to see what else may have happened with Matt's other woman.

While it's still unclear whether or not Stephania will admit to doing more than just kissing Matt Grundhoffer, we can see in the previews that he breaks down crying. If this were Vegas and we were betting, the odds are pretty good that there was more than just a kiss.

Stephania won't apologize to Briana

Even though Stephania was the other woman and knew that Matt Grundhoffer was married to Briana Renee at the time, it's already known that she won't be offering up any apologies. As a matter of fact, in the "Little Women LA" clip, Stephania was seen talking about the incident and she asks, "Why would I?" when asked about saying sorry to Matt's wife.

That's when Stephania made a rather hurtful claim. She said that she wasn't sorry for the affair with Matt Grundhoffer because it was Briana's fault that the whole thing happened.

Stephania claims that she and Matt spent a "scandalous night" together while the "Little Women LA" crew was on a group trip to Alaska. She went on to describe text messages from Matt as being "insane."

“No wonder this man liked me…to get away from you," Stephania said as she blasted Briana Renee.

Elena Gant, who never minces words, interrupted Matt's other woman long enough to ask, "Did you use a condom?"

While we still don't know if Matt had sex with Stephania, it looks like the details of their affair will be revealed tonight when the "Little Women LA" Season 6 reunion show concludes. From what we've seen so far, it's going to be dramatic.

There will be plenty of tears, just based on what we've seen from Matt. Briana will probably shed a few too.

With the Lifetime show ending Season 6 tonight, there is still more drama to come from this dramatic couple. "Little Women LA - Couples Retreat" will star Matt and Briana. The new spinoff will premiere on July 26 at 9/8 central.