Soap opera viewers enjoy teenage romance as well as stories of star crossed lovers. "The Young and the Restless" has come up with a story line with two teens that is sure to please and become the love story of the summer. Lily's daughter Mattie, and Victoria's son Reed are falling for each other.

Victoria, Reed, and Billy's situation

Reed Helstrom is Victoria's son by her first marriage. He is totally devoted to his mom and really gets along with his step dad Billy. Victoria just fired Cane who is the father of the girl he has been hanging out with, and Cane has been sparring with Billy who happens to be his step brother.

Reed just wants to get to know Mattie and hang out for the summer, but the family drama keeps getting in the way.

Mattie's brother Charlie does not like Reed and argues with him every chance he gets. He also has been pressuring young Mr. Helstrom to stop seeing his sister. Now to add insult to injury Cane informed his children that not only did Victoria fire him, but she prevented him from getting a job at "Jabot" with Jack Abbot. This only adds to Charlie's dislike of Mattie's beau and to Reed's confusion.

Cane and Lily's daughter Mattie is charming

Mattie is sweet, innocent and charming, and she and Reed just shared their first kiss.They are Falling In Love and want the family drama to go away.

She is enjoying their budding romance but is concerned that his mother is causing her father so many problems. Mattie is also dealing with the fact that her dad impregnated Juliet and she and Charlie will soon have a new half sibling. The teen is stressed about her mom Lily and how all this is affecting her.

All Reed and Mattie want to do is enjoy the summer and each other.

They desire to explore their relationship and keep their parent's issue out of it. "The Young and the Restless" has set up this particular storyline with multiple layers. The issues between Cane, Lily, and Juliet along with the animosity coming from Charlie, Victoria, and Billy is pushing the couple closer together. They are lamenting their family woes to each other.

Mattie and Reed should be enjoying fun in the sun, swimming at the pool, and enjoying a few more kisses. These teens ought to be having the time of their lives instead of bickering over family issues. Stay tuned weekdays on CBS, to enjoy more episodes of "The Young and the Restless." Find out if the star crossed teenagers will be able to enjoy their romance or if their family issues will keep them apart.