Billy and Victoria are beginning to bond again on "The Young and the Restless." On why he is not getting back with his ex-wife, Wednesday Billy was at the pool talking to Chelsea and processing what he lost. Spoiler alerts have indicated that Billy will be by Victoria's side as she deals with a health crisis and Jesse's revelation may cause them to bond even more. It's possible that Phyllis may be left out in the cold.

The bump on the head will cause Villy to bond

When Abby threw a drink in Victoria's face, she fell backward and hit her head. Since then she has had blurred vision and been hearing muffled sounds when people talk.

Vicky also has been experiencing headaches, and she passed out in the elevator. She went to the doctor on Thursday and Billy stayed with the children. When Phyllis wanted to tag along he said no, and she is realizing that Villy is bonding again. The bump on the head will set things up for Billy to realize family is more important than hot sex.

Phyllis has been using sex to keep Billy interested, and she has been understanding where the children are concerned.She will not like it, however, that her man wants to be so involved with his ex-wife's medical issues. Victoria is already working side by side each day with her former spouse, and they have the added bond of Reed, Johnny, and Katherine.

In addition to the health problems from hitting her head, there is one more thing that may bring Villy back together - the information that Jesse has about Cane could seal the deal.

Jesse may be the key to the reunion

When the "Brash and Sassy" team went to California, Cane paid Jesse to not edit footage that showed Billy joking about placing bets on the Hockey team.

He then told Juliet to run the tape without looking at it first. Juliet was fired and later sued "Brash and Sassy" for a lot of money. Jesse came to town this week and when he could not get a job working with Hillary he called Cane.

Spoilers indicate that Jesse wants $25,000 to keep quiet, but Cane will not be able to come up with the money.

Jesse will run into Billy who will pay to hear his story. When Victoria is made aware of the truth, she will realize Cane set Billy up caused Juliet to be fired and Victoria to pay out a large settlement. Vicky will no doubt be indebted to her ex for uncovering the facts of the matter.

She is still in love with him and these situations that throw them together may bring Villy back together. Billy and Victoria have a long history including several marriages. They have children and are partners on the job The only thing connecting Phyllis to Billy is the bedroom. Deep down she knows this but will not accept it. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" week days on CBS to find out which woman will get her man.