The upcoming television show “Krypton” will introduce new characters to fuel up the excitement for the new Syfy series. Meanwhile, Warner Bros. TV Group has set to release a Sneak Peek of the upcoming series on Saturday, July 22 at the 2017 Comic-Con.

What to expect in the upcoming series?

Fans of comic books are in for a huge surprise. The upcoming “Krypton” will feature major changes that have not been highlighted in the world of Superman.

There will be new characters that will be featured in the new Syfy series that have never taken centerstage in the Superman canon.

The decision was made to explore further the home planet of the Man of Steel. Since DC fans are already well versed with the story of Superman, the inclusion of new characters aims to create mystery to the viewers.

Speaking with Den of Geek, executive producer David S. Goyer explained that the upcoming series will not divert from the original story despite the inclusion of new characters. He confirmed that all eras of the pop culture history of Krypton are still intact, which will still agree with the storyline from the comics up to “Superman: The Movie” by Richard Donner.

“Krypton” is reportedly centered on Seg-El (played by Cameron Cuffe), the grandfather of Superman. The EP detailed that the fate of the grandfather of the superhero after the tragic explosion was not revealed in the comic books.

Since the series is set 200 years prior to the destruction of Superman’s home planet, it can feature new characters that they can further explore, who have been associated with Krypton before. Goyer envisions a rich opportunity to delve into the new characters who are still unknown to the fans.

Furthermore, Goyer also dropped another spoiler for the new series.

In the interview, he mentioned that there will also be new characters from the DC Universe that are not really part of the Superman canon.

In addition, Goyer also admitted that they are indeed venturing into some changes that the fans may not likely expect. However, he also shared that the unexpected inclusion of new characters to the Superman saga is something that he is also “excited for audiences to see.”

When to expect a sneak peek?

Meanwhile, Warner Bros.

TV Group has announced its schedule for Comic-Con San Diego, which includes the new series from Syfy. The “Krypton” sneak peak is set on Saturday, July 22, at 1:15 p.m. in the Indigo Ballroom. Deadline reported that lead star, Cameron Cuffe and EP’s Damian Kindler and Cameron Welsh will be in attendance at the panel as well.