This week's episode of "The Haves and the Have Nots" did not disappoint, but it did leave viewers shocked. Writer, producer, and director Tyler Perry usually include a lot of different scenes in his drama. This week's episode included most of the major characters such as Candace, Hanna, Benny, Veronica, Jeffrey, David and Jim.

Veronica and Officer Justin

One of the most talked about scenes is the one with Veronica Harrington and Officer Justin who had a heated conversation where both of them got in each other's face with threats and demands. Veronica wants the officer to stay away from Jeffrey, her gay son.

She accuses him of sexual harassment. During the confrontation, she also promised to tell Justin's wife who just happens to be the judge who handles Veronica's cases.

David and Jeffrey

Jeffrey finally gives his father some answers about killing Quincy in self-defense. David told his son not to worry about it. He said over and over again that he wished Jeffrey had told him about this earlier. David advised Jeffrey to get a room in a hotel instead of going back to his mother's house where he is abused.

Hanna and Katheryn

Hanna is still grieving over the death of her grandson. She is staying with Katheryn who offers to pay for the little boy's funeral. Katheryn tries to get her close friend to eat something.

Hanna questioned Katheryn's cooking skills. Katheryn didn't even know how to turn the stove on to cook breakfast for Hanna.

Candace and Charles

What turned out to be one of the most shocking scenes of "The Haves and the Have Nots" since it started airing in 2013 was the one with Candace and Charles. Charles is aspiring to become the youngest president ever.

Candace is up to her usual style of telling men what to do. After she had told Charles to take off his clothes and get in bed, Charles used a code word to get his security team to barge into the hotel room with guns drawn. They are arresting Candace for terrorism. Viewers did not see that coming and cannot wait until next Tuesday to find out what that is all about.

Other interesting interactions

Jim was finally allowed in the hospital room to see Wyatt for only a few moments. Wyatt was fast asleep and was not aware that his estranged father wiped his forehead and gave him a kiss.

Mitch lied to Hanna about Benny's whereabout when she called. Mitch did not want to tell Hanna that her son had been taken to jail. While in prison, Benny is accused of being a terrorist, and he refused to provide his DNA.