Troian Bellisario is avoiding social media as much as possible right now. Fans are disappointed with the way that "Pretty Little Liars" ended. Many disliked the twin storyline, calling it a cop-out. After all, many fans believed that Wren was going to turn out to be A.D. However, the actress did admit that it was impossible to make all fans happy with the ending, and that those who are unhappy need to look at what they managed to gain from the Series Finale.

'Pretty Little Liars' was supposed to end with Charlotte

It wasn't all "PLL's" fault that the show's ending wasn't quite as expected.

From the very first episode, A was always supposed to be Charlotte. The show was going to end with Charlotte's big reveal and that was going to be the end of it. However, Freeform decided it wanted more from the series. Why not when it was doing so well with fans? Well, that meant the reveal came and the writers had to come up with a new character.

A.D. wasn't planned from the very beginning. If you look at the earlier seasons, you won't find any clues about Alex Drake (or really Mary Drake). After all, it was after Wren's departure from Rosewood that he learned about Alex in London. If it wasn't for him, Alex would have never learned about her family in the States.

Bellisario said that from the sixth year of "Pretty Little Liars," the story became a genesis story.

A new character was needed and fans were bound to be disappointed with some of that.

A lot of good in the finale

Let's not forget that there was plenty of good stuff in the "PLL" series finale. This is something the actress notes. Not only did fans see Spoby (Spencer and Toby) back together, but they also got Haleb, Emison, and Ezria back together.

All the Liars were happy and starting new families. Hanna and Caleb were having a baby, and Ezria were going to look into adopting.

Trying to get all the characters back together wasn't easy for the writers. Bellisario shared that the "writers broke their backs" to make sure that all the Liars got a happy ending and that the fans were as happy as possible.

Unfortunately, that meant some elements of the storyline were going to be a little disappointing.

It's hard to end any show after so long. "The Vampire Diaries" and "Charmed" both had disappointed fans in the end. However, "Charmed" still lives, with new fans watching and learning the story of the Halliwells. The same will be said for "TVD" and "PLL" in the future.