lisa marie presley has taken it upon herself to make some huge life changes where her health and well-being is concerned. According to Radar Online reports, Lisa Marie is now completely sober.

Elvis Presley's daughter Lisa Marie has a new outlook

As previously reported, friends close to Lisa Marie were very concerned about the only child of the late King of Rock and Roll, elvis presley. Several weeks ago Lisa was spotted looking thin, and very unhealthy. Friends claimed Lisa's addiction to prescription pills were putting the 49-year-old mother of four at risk.

Lisa Marie concentrating on music career

RO sources revealed that Lisa has "turned over a new leaf" and has taken control of her life by kicking her pill addiction and placing her focus on the things in life that matter -- her children, her health, and her career. Presley's close friend Pink has been supportive, and has even encouraged Presley to delve back into her musical roots. Radar's source also reveal that Lisa has a new outlook on life.

“She finally realized that she was killing herself, and decided that she didn’t want to end up like her dad!” said the source.

Another way Presley is dealing with her pain is through physical therapy instead of through pills. Things are beginning to look up for Lisa.

However, Lisa's troubles are far from over, as she continues to deal with a nasty divorce from estranged husband, Michael Lockwood. Custody concerns regarding the couple's twin daughters (Harper and Finley) are still being negotiated, but the two appear to be close to coming to a suitable agreement.

Presley started the year off revealing that she and her husband of ten years were splitting.

Things took an unpleasant turn weeks later when it was revealed that the couple's twins had been placed in protective custody after "disturbing photos and videos" were found on the personal computer belonging to their father, Michael Lockwood.

The divorce and custody battle news was later followed up with reports that Presley had checked into rehab for a prescription pill addiction.

Following several months of concern and uncertainty for the well-being of Lisa Marie, it is good to hear that she has taken a positive turn in life.

40th anniversary of Elvis Presley's death

Fans may get a chance to see Lisa at Graceland this August for the 40th anniversary of her father Elvis Presley's death. The week-long memorial celebration kicks off on August 11th and runs through the 19th. This year's 40th-anniversary celebration is speculated to be the biggest and best. Elvis Week will include concerts, panel discussions, the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest, and, of course, the Candlelight Vigil.