There are a few months to go until "Dancing with the Stars" season 25 kicks off, but rumors are intensifying that ABC wants to sign on Sean Spicer for the fall cast. The soon-to-be former White House press secretary announced his resignation last week after Anthony Scaramucci was announced as President Donald Trump's new communications director.

Spicer in talks for new TV career

It was revealed in a statement by Scaramucci that Spicer would have a lot of offers coming his way. He probably didn't mean "DWTS," but that's the rumor right now. Page Six reports that Spicer spent a day in talks with major networks about who'd like him to impart his inside knowledge of President Trump.

A source claims to Page Six that ABC has been in touch with Spicer to appear on the fall season of "DWTS" in the hopes that he'll agree to be in the cast. Actor Zach Braff joked on Twitter about Spicer signing on with the season 25 cast.

“Can’t wait to see Sean Spicer waltz on Dancing With the Stars,” Braff tweeted.

Current energy secretary and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry appeared on "DWTS" last fall after losing to Trump in the GOP primary. He was eliminated in the season 23's second episode. Will there be others linked with Washington, D.C. appearing on the cast of "DWTS"?

Sean Spicer was asked regarding the rumors about him being a contestant, but he had "no comment." An ABC rep said repeated his answer.

The studio doesn't comment on casting rumors.

Too early to make predictions

A person described as close with casting for the show told Variety that nothing beyond talks has taken place and that it's too early in the process to say who'll be on the show. The insider added that there's "no one we're dying for right now." The source continued, "Honestly, [we're] running out of stars!"

From here until the hit reality show premieres, speculations will grow over who's going to be on the season 25 cast.

The pickings are getting a bit slim at this point in the game. Don't be shocked to seem more political figures on the show as the list of Hollywood celebrities available dwindles. The studio also has a roster of world-class athletes they reach out to -- as well as other famous figures from various backgrounds. For several years now the show has nabbed rodeo stars, Olympians, and other big-name individuals to put them on the dance floor. Would you like to see Sean Spicer be one of the competitors?

"DWTS" season 25 will premiere on ABC Monday, September 18 at 8 p.m., ET/PT.