Academy Award winner Anne Hathaway is one of the front-runners to star in the movie “Barbie.” Rumors started after comedian Amy Schumer left the role. Sony is still trying to find her replacement.

‘Barbie’ the movie

The movie is expected to be released in summer of next year. According to Screen Rant, the film is about the Barbie doll that was mass produced back in 1959. It has become a part of every girl’s growing up life. The Barbie doll has become iconic in every sense. It has also transcended various cultures and traditions. There is a known local Barbie version in every corner of the globe.

Barbie” will be directed by Aletha Jones. The movie will also be co-produced by Amy Pascal, Walter F. Parkes, and Laurie MacDonald. According to rumors, Amy Schumer will help in writing the script.

Anne Hathaway as Barbie?

Anne Hathaway is sure to give justice to her role. Physically, her wide eyes and fair complexion seem a good fit. Her svelte and statuesque figure represents that of the dolls.

She is not new to fantasy and children-oriented movies. Hathaway’s breakout role was Princess Mia of Genovia of “Princess Diaries” in 2001. Three years later, the “Princess Diaries: Royal Engagement” was released. Both movies solidified her as a Hollywood A-Lister.

Everyone had their Hollywood shocker when Anne Hathaway played a daring role in the movie “Brokeback Mountain” in 2005.

Her role was a complete departure from her youthful demeanor she was even seen exposing her breasts.

Fast forward to the official launch of the film “Barbie,” and she seems ready to go back to her roots. The movie “Barbie” is a good way to have younger fans as she did some 16 years ago.

Movie details

The screen play is set to revolve around the character expelled from Barbieland for being imperfect.

This plot is the start of the movie’s twists and turns. As a result, the film has its share of critics and many people believe that its theme is superficial in orientation.

This role is entirely different from Hathaway’s movie “Oceans Eight” which she recently wrapped. Her recent indie film, “Colossal” also gained critical acclaim.

Many of Hathaway’s fans hope that her schedule will accommodate the movie “Barbie.”

Another unforgettable role for Anne

The film is sure to showcase the Hollywood actress’ range of acting from thought provoking roles to a more generic one. Anne Hathaway will give of her best in playing the role of the iconic character. Most of all, the movie “Barbie” will show another side of her. Such a character will again display a side to her acting that we have not seen for a long time.

Amy Schumer did not disclose her reason for leaving the movie and some of her fans are upset. They think that Schumer is the better actress to play the role and that her comedic approach would give the film more interesting twist.

Stay tuned for future developments of “Barbie.” Anne Hathaway has not released official word on her participation in the film. If she officially gets the role as Barbie, the movie is sure to be one of her big hits.