AMC's "The Walking Dead" has been on hiatus since its season 7 finale aired. The fans of the apocalyptic drama have been waiting for some "The Walking Dead" season 8 spoilers and updates and it seems like the wait will soon be over as the San Diego Comic-Con approaches. According to Cinema Blend, the first footage for season 8 is expected to be one of the highlights of Comic-Con. Further, AMC recently released the first still footage from "TWD" season 8 featuring two fan favorites teaming up with each other once again. In the said footage, Daryl and Carol are back in action, which would mean that things are about to get really gloomy for Negan and his army.

The relationship of Daryl and Carol has been considered as the most dynamic relationship in "The Walking Dead" as they stick with each other through thick and thin - unless Negan or some other external factor takes them apart. For the past seasons, the fans have been hoping that they get together romantically, but apparently, the plot is just so apocalyptic and full of action that it doesn't really give much time for romance between the characters to flourish.

Reunited and it feels so good

In the first still footage released for "The Walking Dead" season 8, the dynamic duo can be seen face to face, in what seems to be a scene where they are gearing up for another fight with Negan. Daryl and Carol's reunion in the upcoming season has really made the fans happy and excited.

Aside from the fact that Negan is easier to pick apart if Daryl and Carol are together, their reunion could also mean that the showrunners might be considering highlighting the possible on-screen romance.

However, it's worth noting that although Daryl and Carol's reunion is something to be excited about, they also have some issues that they need to resolve and iron out.

In "TWD" season 7, Daryl lied to Carol's face about the incident between Alexandria and The Saviours. Although Daryl's decision to lie about Alexandria turned out to be good for everyone, the fact remains that he has created trust issues between him and Carol.

Dynamic duo to win the war

Now that "The Walking Dead" season 8 spoilers have revealed Daryl and Carol's reunion, fans are expecting an all out war against Negan.

In the previous season, Negan seemed to be the one with the winning streak, making the lives of each character difficult and hell-like. That said, fans are hoping that Carol and Daryl's reunion will give Negan a taste of his own medicine.

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