On "The Bold and the Beautiful" Steffy Forester got Caroline Spencer to leave New York and return to LA. The two of them are teaming up to be a couple of mean girls who will certainly be double trouble for Sally Spectra. Their goal is to tear Sally and Thomas apart.

Caroline leaves the Big Apple with a plan

Caroline Forrester made a decision to leave LA and take her son Douglas away from his father Thomas. She has been gone for months and has not given any indication that she wanted the situation to change. A few days ago, she called Sally Spectra asking to speak to her ex and letting Sally know she had a claim on Thomas because of their son.

On Tuesday, Caroline was back in LA talking to Steffy while Thomas spent time with his son. After Thomas left, the two women began talking and it was revealed that Steffy had called her brother's baby mama and convinced her to return to town. Steffy cried the blues to Ms. Spencer about the evils of Sally Spectra who has Thomas under her spell.

She said she had tried to get along with Sally but it did not work and gave Caroline the impression that Ms. Spectra was only using Thomas. Caroline then complained that Thomas had not been coming to New York as frequently to see his son since he began dating Sally. When Steffy asked Ms. Spencer what it was she wanted the answer came in one word, "Thomas." The two of them then agreed to break up the relationship between Thomas And Sally.

Steffy will show herself to be devious

Steffy obviously cannot forget that Sally Spectra stole millions in designs from her family. And she hates that her brother has walked away from his legacy to work for a rival company. Instead of forgiving and moving on as her brother did, Steffy wants revenge. She probably would like nothing more than for Thomas to reunite with his baby mama and be a family with her and Douglas.

Now that Caroline is back, Steffy probably feels she has reinforcements and will soon remove her brother from the enemy camp.

Caroline had her chance with Thomas and chose to leave town. If she were still in love with him and wanted to reunite she had plenty of opportunities every time he visited her in New York. Now suddenly with one call from Steffy, she is in fight mode and wanting to break up Thomas and Sally.

Ms. Spencer is probably not so much in love as she is simply feeling envious that her ex is no longer at her beck and call. Steffy and Caroline should have better things to do than to interfere with Thomas and Sally's relationship. Unfortunately, it is exactly what they are going to do.

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