Cane's world continues to spiral out of control. His marriage is on the rocks, and his children are disappointed that he got Juliet pregnant. Now, life is about to become more complicated for Mr. Ashby. Spoiler alerts say Jesse is in genoa city and wants to blackmail him for $25.000.

Cane's sins are finding him

On Thursday, Jesse tried to get a job with Hilary at "G.C. Buzz" on the recommendation of Howard. Jordan recognized the camera man and filled Hilary in regarding California, so Jesse did not get the job. He immediately calls Cane to alert him that he is in Genoa City.

Jesse has traveled across the country with his hopes set on getting a job. Now that it did not work out, he is going to give Cane Ashby a friendly reminder of their past.

Jesse has no idea that Cane has been fired, and probably does not care. He is going to use the information he has for his own benefit. Spoiler alerts indicate that Jesse will sing like a bird so one of two things may happen. Cane either refuses to pay or is unable to come up with the money, or he pays his blackmailer and Jesse comes back for more.

The blackmail will expose how devious Cane is

When the truth is revealed, Cane will be exposed for how devious he really is. He was so intent on making Billy look bad in Victoria's eyes, Cane paid Jesse not to edit the footage showing Billy joking with the Hockey players about gambling.

He then convinced Juliet to run the tape without first watching it. For whatever reason, Juliet has not recalled her baby daddy's role in her being fired from "Brash and Sassy."

Now Cane will be in big trouble, and all of Genoa City will know about his misdeeds. Victoria, Billy, Juliet, Jordan, Lily, and Hilary were all affected by his rash decision.

This may be what causes each of them to wash their hands of Cane Ashby. He has lied and manipulated, and now his deviousness is coming back to him in spades. It is ironic that Cane set out to cost his step brother a job, and wanted Victoria to hate Billy. Now, instead, it is Cane who was fired while Vicky and Billy are in a good place.

Cane allowed Jack Abbott to suggest that he help Billy along in getting fired. Now, Cane is losing everything he held dear while Jack's hands are clean. Mr. Ashby probably never thought he would see or hear from Jesse again, but now, here he is. Cane is going to be very sorry he ever had dealings with this man. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" to find out if the spoiler alerts were correct on this one.