Hillary Curtis has been looking for a way to hurt Lily Ashby for some time on "The Young and the Restless." She found it when she convinced Juliet Helton to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against Lily's husband Cane and Brash and Sassy. On Friday Hillary was having second thoughts as she held in her hand evidence that would exonerate Cane and gain favor with Devon.

Hillary became Juliet's confidante

Hillary listened to Juliet's complaints and even suggested that she hire Leslie as her lawyer. She was even considering running the story on her talk show.

Last week after talking to Devon, Hillary told Ms. Helton she could no longer help her, and that Juliet was on her own. On Thursday the two women were at the athletic club where Hillary told Juliet that she changed her mind and would be her witness in court.

Whatever took place between Juliet and Cane happened off-screen. She was seen entering his room and exiting. There was a flashback where the two were asleep side by side but no actual footage showed them in the act. Cane insists that he remembers nothing and only knows what Juliet told him. He found her earring in the bed and her negligee in his luggage -- all pointing to a setup.

Hillary has a change of heart

On Friday, after speaking to Devon twice, Hillary seems to be having a change of heart.

Her ex begged her not to use the lawsuit on her television show just to get even with Lily. Later, Hillary puts a flash drive in her laptop. As she listens, Juliet's voice can be heard saying that Cane did not sexually harass her. Not long after, Juliet shows up to give her confidante some exciting news. Leslie called and announced that Victoria decided to settle the lawsuit.

Ms. Helton hugs Hillary and tells her "My financial troubles are over thanks to you." This let viewers know she was in it for the money all along. Now, the big question is: Who is the father of Juliet's baby? Is she really carrying Cane's child, or did she somehow fake the test results? Is Juliet showing her gratitude to Ms.

Curtis for her help? Hillary looked at the flash drive as if she was considering using it to her advantage.

Hillary is the one who initiated all this drama in order to cause Lily pain. She even considered using evidence of Cane and Juliet talking about their one-night stand. Now she has another at her disposal that would incriminate Juliet Helton and render the Brash and Sassy lawsuit null and void. Will Ms. Curtis use this information to gain favor with Devon and expose Ms. Helton as a fraud?