"The Young and the Restless" is currently filled with a lot of pairings of couples that fans know will not work. These odd unions are taking up time on the show and need to be dissolved. Devon and Mariah are not working out, and neither are Noah and Tessa. Nikki is playing games with Jack and Hillary is simply using Jordan for sport.

What are 'The Young and the Restless' Writers thinking

There was a time when the writers would put together couples that the fans were rooting for. In the 1980s there were many super couples who overcame obstacles so they could be together.

The writers on "The Young and the Restless" have fans wondering what they are thinking with their current pairings. Fans desire to see true love win in Genoa City and at this time it is not in the air.

For months now Tessa and Noah have been friendly but never crossing the line to true romance. There is no chemistry with these two and they seem better suited as good buddies.They hang out and talk to each other but the writers are not even trying to make a love match look feasible. Devon and Mariah have consummated their relationship but he cannot keep his eyes off his ex-wife Hillary. Every chance she gets Hillary rubs it in Mariah's face that Devon is still hot for her.And she admitted on Wednesday that she still cares for him a well.

In the midst of these odd pairings eagle eyed viewers can see there is a possibility that the writers are toying with putting Tessa and Mariah together. They hold hands and look lovingly into each other's eyes. It is clear there is something more than friendship between these two. On Wednesday they were about to kiss but pulled apart when Devon and Noah came in.

And Hilary admitted to Mariah that she still wants Devon. All the while Ms. Curits is sleeping with Jordan who would have Lily Asby if she were available.

More drama from the odd couples in Genoa City

Viewers are tired of Nikki bouncing back and forth between Victor and Jack. On Thursday Abby caught her uncle

and stepmother kissing in Jack's office.

Nikki was basking in her new found freedom from Victor but everyone knows it will not last because she always goes back to him. Jack is having fun sticking it to his arch enemy. He and Nikki are not in love but play this game every few years. Most every time her husband disappoints her Mrs. Newman runs to her ex. She and Jac could end up in bed and even remarry but it will not last.

These tortured souls need to be put out of their misery. The writers should separate these mismatched couples. Devon and Hillary need to get back together and Nikki should make amends with Victor. If they want to explore a relationship between Mariah and Tessa then that is the way they should go rather than having them waste time with Noah and Devon. This would, of course, leave Jack, Jordan, and Noah as the odd men out but someone will come along for these three eventually.