Ever since Hillary Curtis took over "G.C. Buzz," she has been looking for the big one. Hillary wants the exclusive that will put her on the map, and the same level as her idol Julie Chen. On Thursday's episode of "The Young and the Restless," Hilary and Howard Green are discussing the footage they have of Victor Newman and his son Nicholas fighting. Hillary is not sure if she should air what they taped and face the wrath of Victor. Much to their surprise Victor calls Ms. Curtis and tells her to run with it.

Friday will be the big one in Genoa City

Thursday's episode was interrupted on CBS due to coverage of O.J. Simpson being paroled. "The Young and the Restless" was shown in its entirety on the "POP" network. Hillary and Howard are stunned that Victor Newman wants them to air footage of the exchange between himself and his son Nicholas in the parking garage. The fight will show that the Newman family smiling during the benefit concert was a sham. And the truth is is what "G.C. Buzz caught in the behind the scenes footage.

Mariah tries to stop Hillary who informs her co-host that she has permission from Victor Neman himself. When Mariah questions the Newman patriarch's motives they two women begin arguing about Devon.

Hillary points out that her ex-husband cannot keep his eyes off of her and Ms. Copeland is stunned into silence.

Spoiler alerts indicate that Hillary will run the footage of the fight between the Newman men on Friday. Even though Victor has given his approval there will be much fallout after the show airs. Devon certainly will not like it and he will think his ex-wife has not truly changed.

The rest of the Newman family especially Nick, will not like their private affairs aired like dirty laundry. Abby, as usual, is out of the loop because her grandfather does not trust her. She is also part Abbot and that hinders her as well. She will be lived everyone in the family knew about Nick and his dad except her.

Victor continues to play games

Victor Newman is the most powerful man in Genoa City. The entire town will be buzzing about this fight for a long time to come. After Hillary and Howard go with this decision there will be no turning back. Rather than trying to mend his crooked ways and earn the love and respect of his family, Victor continues to manipulate the lives of everyone around him. His game playing is costing him, everyone, he holds dear and yet he keeps it going. He more than likely believes his actions will shame Nicholas. In the long run, it is Victor himself who will be the biggest loser.