On "The Young and the Restless" Jack Abbot and Victor Newman hate each other. One way that Jack gets under Victor's skin is by insisting that he a right to spend time with Victor's wife Nikki. Recently, Mrs. Newman has been allowing her ex-husband a little too much time and space in her world. If these two are not careful they could fall back into old patterns and become friends with benefits.

Jack is determined to find out the Newman secrets

Since April, Jack has been giving Nikki extra special attention. He started out being nosy and trying to find out what secrets the Newmans were hiding.

He eventually became concerned for his ex-wife's health. He was worried that practicing for benefit concert would cause her MS to flare up. Jack even convinced Nikki to go out of town for a few days prior to the concert to think about things.

Jack even over stepped his boundaries by telling Victor that he was pushing Nikki too hard. Victor pushed back by telling Jack Abbot several times to stay away from his wife. Nikki, however, encourages her former spouse especially when she is mad at her current husband. Jack cares for Nikki but she does not realize that her ex is also on a fishing expedition seeking information that can damage the Newman Patriarch.

Nikki is to blame

Nikki's benefit concert was a success but things went downhill once it was over.

She found Victor and Nick arguing in the parking lot because Nick had tried to sabotage the concert. He poured a drink on the soundboard and cause it to short out. Nick like Jack thought the benefit concert was too much for his mother. He did not want to see the MS cause her any pain. Nikki was outraged to hear what her son had done and was so overwhelmed she called Jack to come and get her.

When he asks his friend where she wants to go she replied: "Anywhere but home."

Nikki Newman has the ability to set boundaries with Jack but, if not careful, Nikki and Jack might cross the line into a full blown affair. If she lets her guard down, Mrs. Newman may just slip and let her ex-know about some of the secrets her husband does not wish to reveal to outsiders.

It' time for Nikki to make a decision. Either she will be Mrs. Victor Newman or not. If she is going to stay with her spouse she needs to stop hanging out with Jack. She knows her husband does not like this man. If she wants Jack Abbot as a friend or even something more, Nikki needs to make a clean break from Victor. This makes sense in the real world but on "The Young and the Restless" the triangle will continue because that's what keeps the fans watching.