"The Walking Dead" fans are looking forward to October when the series makes its return to AMC for season eight. But what can we expect to see take place? Fans are well aware that when we left off in season seven, Rick and the group along with the Kingdom and the Hilltop were preparing to engage in an "All Out War" against Negan and the Saviors.

Who will die in season 8?

We can expect to see that war play out rather quickly according to Creators. Co. The site reveals that Robert Kirkman stated during last weekend's Television Critics Association (TCA) press tour that season eight was all "about the momentum." It was confirmed that the cast was filming last week in Griffin, and one spy on hand for the filming revealed they did see some interesting details while watching.

The spy claims that Rick and Pollyanna were seen inside a truck with the Scavengers. But whether or not they are on the same side is yet to be determined. Also reported spotted during filming was Carl, Michonne, Daryl, Morgan, Tara, and Rosita. We are also well aware that there will be death, but who will it be? It has been speculated that this season we could lose Rosita, Tara, Aaron, or Morgan.

Will Daryl find love?

Besides the war, fans are curious about what we will see the characters doing besides fighting Negan. Many believe it is time for us to learn more about some of the group. One, in particular, Daryl. So far, Daryl Dixon has pretty much remained a man of mystery. We have learned over the past seasons that Daryl was abused as a child by his alcoholic father.

We also know that he lost his mother at a very young age in a house fire.

That is about it. What fans want to know is what Daryl was doing before the world changed. Fans have been expressing for years that they would also like to see Daryl become involved romantically in the series. During the past seasons, we have watched Glenn and Maggie's love story play out and end tragically.

Rick and Michonne have even found love.

For years now it has been speculated that Daryl and Carol could eventually get together. However, many fans feel that Carol is too old for Daryl and that pairing them up just wouldn't work. There is really just no chemistry between the two.

Kirkman revealed over the weekend that Daryl's part in Glenn's death will also be revisited.

Does this mean we will see dark Daryl return, or will he just finally have that painful conversation with Maggie to reach the closure he needs to move on? Will we see Daryl step up to help Maggie raise her and Glenn's baby? Could Daryl's commitment potentially open the door for a romance between the two later down the road? Anything is possible.

What fans are most concerned about is that they will see Daryl's death come before they ever really learn more about the rugged biker's pre-apocalypse life. The show's writers have made it very clear during the past seasons that no one is safe. Eventually, we could potentially see anyone and everyone from the original group meet their demise.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming "The Walking Dead" Season 8? Who do you believe will be the next to die?