Five days after the tragic death of "The Walking Dead' stuntman John Bernecker, the filming of the long-running show re-commenced.One of the cast members Pollyanna McIntosh posted on Instagram last Sunday saying that "filming would resume the next day." The 33-year old Bernecker died after a 25-feet fall from a balcony onto a hard surface, missing a safety padding by just a few distance.

Show must go on despite the loss

John Bernecker was last seen filming on Wednesday. Assistant director Matthew Goodwin told the County Sheriff's office that Bernecker did not seem to get a "good jump" from the balcony since it tried to abort the takeoff by trying to grab onto the rails of the balcony with both hands.

Bernecker landed onto a concrete, with neck and head ahead, an on-set paramedic immediately rendered the first aid. Bernecker was airlifted to a nearby hospital in Atlanta right after the accident. According to reports, he was said to be on brain dead until his family decided to remove him from his life support.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, AMC President Charlie Collier returned back on set last Monday. In one of his interviews, Charlie said that he's apology goes to the family, friends and those who have known Bernecker and his art. “As I prepare to work again the next day, I am again thinking of John's friends and family” Charlie tweeted.

On Friday night, AMC offered condolences to Bernecker family.

Show runner Scott Gimple also expressed his sentiments with what happened. "Our entire crew is devastated by the tragic death of our John Bernecker. We know that Bernecker's contribution on "The Walking Dead" and other movies will continue to excite and amuse the audiences for many generations. We are very thankful for all his works.

All of us send our sincerest prayers, condolences, and love to all his loved ones," he said.

Bernecker's organs will be donated

John Bernecker was an expert fight choreographer and stunt performer. He has worked on projects such as "“The Hunger Games” "Logan," and "Olympus Has Fallen." He was also one of the stuntmen for the upcoming projects including "Black Panther" and "Rampage' with Dwayne Johnson.

Following the removal of John Bernecker from his life support, his family decided to donate his organ. A statement was released on the website of donor LifeLink about the Bernecker family being "devastated" and "heartbroken." When asked for an interview, the Berneckers refused and remained silent. According to them, they sincerely request for "privacy as they say farewell to John."