One theme is consistent on "The Young and the Restless," and that is there are no stable families. Now the writers have aged Mattie and Charlie Ashby only to tear their family apart. Spoiler alerts previously implied that Cane may not have gone to bed with Juliet in Tokyo. On Wednesday Juliet provides test results which indicate that she fainted because she is pregnant with his child.

Cane and Lily's family torn apart

Across the internet, fans of "The Young and the Restless" are expressing their outrage at this new storyline. The writers obviously believe that the more bizarre the story and the more fractured the family, their ratings will increase.

This is not necessarily true. Most fans love the Ashby family and want to see them remain intact. Also with the increase in hate and violence in this nation and the unstable president in the White House, many Americans long for peace and stability.

To age the Ashby twins just to introduce this drama into their lives is not boding well with some viewers. Doubts are also being expressed regarding the pregnancy considering the timing of Juliet's supposed tryst with Cane. They were allegedly together in mid-March, yet Juliet showed no sign of pregnancy until almost July. If she is expecting, and it is Cane's child, there is always the possibility she took a page out of Chloe's book and had herself artificially inseminated.

If this storyline plays out, it will most assuredly send Lily into Jordan's arms and his bed.

A monster that needs to be slain

On Wednesday, Juliet went to the hospital after fainting. She later tells Lily and Cane that she is pregnant. If it is all true, then Mattie and Charlie will have to deal with the fallout and a new younger sibling.

Still, there are questions because Juliet is a modern woman with business acumen. She allegedly slept with a man she did not know well -- one who was married and did so without proper protection. For all she knew, Cane had a sexually transmitted disease.

If Ms. Helton was so business-oriented why would she risk it all and allow herself to become pregnant?

There must be something deeper that "The Young and the Restless" writers have not exposed about this woman. Yes at the end of the show on Wednesday Cane admits he slept with her, but can he be sure? He was so drunk; are the memories real or implanted by a scheming Juliet? Y&R fans should not take anything about this situation at face value -- at least not yet. There needs to be a lot more validation before belief is beyond the shadow of a doubt.