Beyonce and Jay-Z are keeping the birth of their twins a mystery. For one, the Power Couple has not even confirmed their birth, which is rumored to have happened sometime last month. Now, fans are eagerly waiting for the big reveal: what are their new babies' names?

Beyonce and Jay-Z's company files trademark for two names

Some fans think they may have cracked the mystery of Beyonce and Jay-Z's twins. TMZ learned that the music duo's company filed to secure rights for two new names: Rumi Carter and Sir Carter. Rumi and Sir are definitely cute names for babies, and they could very well be the names of Bey and Jay's twins!

According to reports, the documents were filed last June 26, around the same time when Beyonce and Jay-Z were rumored to have taken the twins home from the hospital. Interestingly, the company seeking for the trademark is the same one that copyrighted Beyonce and Jay-Z's first born's name, Blue Ivy.

The couple is known to have a habit of copyrighting phrases and names that are meaningful to them. Earlier this year, they also filed to secure rights for the name of their first born's name, Blue Ivy.

This is a way for them to protect their interest, so no one could use them to sell merchandise bearing the names. The scope of the rights is for items such as perfumes, clothing, stationery, toys, and other novelty items.

Rumi Carter and Sir Carter

The names Rumi and Sir apparently have special meanings for Jay-Z. Rumi could be a reference to the 13-century Muslim poet Jalaluddin al-Rumi, who is likened to William Shakespeare.

It appears that Jay-Z may have been immersing himself in Muslim poetry, as his latest track "Marcy Me" includes several lines pertaining to Sufi poetry: "I started in lobbies now, parley with Saudis/Sufi to the goofies, I could probably speak Farsi."

As for the name Sir, it could be a nod to the great knights of British history, but it could also have a connection with Rumi.

The word "sir" was mentioned in one of the Muslim poet's poems: "Bring the pure wine of love and freedom. But, Sir, a tornado is coming. More wine, we'll teach this storm a thing or two about whirling."

According to E! News, Beyonce most probably gave birth on June 15. Witnesses reported seeing Jay-Z and Blue Ivy arriving at a Los Angeles hospital.

Around the same time, a visitor was spotted carrying a bouquet of pink and blue flowers and balloons with a card that reads "B+J."

Beyonce first announced her second pregnancy last February in an Instagram post that trended worldwide. Their first daughter, Blue Ivy, is now five years old and ready to be a big sister.

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