The newest episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" will air on July 3, 2017. Read on for more details. The long-running CBS soap opera just made our summer a bit hotter. In time for the annual Fourth of July holiday, the show features new issues, affairs and more fights among the powerful clans.

The Forresters kick-start the holiday festivities with the upcoming swimsuit calendar event, with an upcoming photo shoot that will feature swimsuit models. Forrester Creations is now busy on doing a calendar for their newest clothing line. However, the members of the Spectra are not allowing them to have a very successful run.

Sally, Thomas, and their evil plans

Sally and Thomas will do everything to put a halt on their rival's success. The two got a message from Steffy who told them about the charity shoot they are currently working on.

And there's much more in store for "The Bold and the Beautiful" fans. According to She Knows, Thomas is trying to create some buzz that might topple the Forresters from the top spot. He will tell Sally about doing something on their own. Thomas says that their evil plans will come straight "out of Sally's book." The last episode ended as they spy on the ongoing calendar photoshoot near the pool.

Ridge and Quinn to come clean?

In the latest "The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers, Sheila continues her investigation regarding Ridge and Quinn.

She has been trying to find some clues if their alleged affair is true. The teaser trailer shows Sheila and Eric having a conversation about the issue. However, Eric dismissed the idea while talking to someone.

"He would not jeopardize his relationship with you," Eric said. He added that this person will not do foolish things.

There is a possibility that he talks with Sheila or Quinn, but it won't be clear until the episode airs on July 3.

Last Friday, Sheila even confronted Quinn who felt uncomfortable during her visit. Quinn then called Ridge who assured her that they are safe.

It is now up for Ridge and Quinn if they will come clean with their shared secret.

This might even affect Quinn's relationship with her husband. What will Sally and Thomas do? Will Sheila succeed? How will Eric deal with the possible affair?

That's it for the spoilers for the upcoming "The Bold and the Beautiful" episodes. Stay tuned for more updates.

New episodes of "The Bold and the Beautiful" will premiere on July 3 - 3 on your local CBS television channel.