"The Haves and the Have Nots" did not air an episode last week. Therefore, fans were excited to get a new episode on Tuesday, July 11. They were expecting to see some new drama from writer, director, and producer, Tyler Perry. Viewers were not disappointed because old stories continued, and new stories were added.

Veronica and David

David went to the hospital to meet with his son, but he couldn't find Jeffrey. He saw Veronica in the waiting room, but she wouldn't tell him where Jeffrey was in the hospital, and he didn't know Melissa's last name so the receptionist could tell him the room number.

When Jim Cryer showed up, Veronica inadvertently mentioned that Wyatt was in the hospital.

Jeffrey in hospital rooms

When Jeffrey visited Melissa, she made him leave her room. She accused him of being evil like his mother. She screamed so much at him that he finally left and went to check on Wyatt who was going through withdrawal from his drug habit. Unlike Melissa, Wyatt welcomed the visit from Jeffrey who went to get extra blankets because Wyatt said he was cold. Jeffrey saw Officer Justin in the hall who tried to get him to stay and talk to him, but Jeffrey went back to cover Wyatt with the blankets. Officer Justin was filled with jealousy and said he would wait until Jeffrey came out of the room.

It was an hour later when Jeffrey left the room. He was hoping Justin was not in the hallway, but the officer was still waiting for him. The two men went to the stairwell where Justin professed his love for Jeffrey and kissed him on the lips before Jeffrey left. Then the policeman sat on the stairsteps, and Veronica Harrington came up the back stairs and joined him.

She had seen and heard everything. It is everybody's guess what Veronica will do with that information. One thing for sure is that it will be something evil.

Other scenes

Three other scenes are worth mentioning. Benny is being questioned by the police about the murder of Quincy. Officers want DNA to get further information about Quincy's death.

Katheryn is trying to console Hanna who is still distraught over her grandson's death. She was able to persuade Hanna to finally wash her bloody hands.

Oscar took Candace a bag he told her contained $250,000 in exchange for information about Charles who is running for president. Candace was determined not to give Oscar any information, but she insisted she was going to keep the bag of money only to discover that a real bill was on top and the rest of the bundle was just plain paper.

Watch "The Haves and the Have Nots" on OWN at 9 p.m. on Tuesday, July 18 to find out what will happen.