It was amazing how Tyler Perry used the hospital as the setting to intertwine three stories on the most recent episode on "The Haves and the Have Nots."

Hanna Young is there after the death of her young grandson. Benny calls Katheryn Cryer who rushes to the hospital. In the meantime, Veronica and Jeffrey Harrington are seated in the waiting room to hear news from the doctor about Melissa's condition after she attempted suicide. Of all the times for this to happen, Wyatt Cryer is brought in while trying to detox from drugs, and Katheryn sees her son for the first time in a long time, and she is furious with what she sees.

Melissa's attempted suicide

Veronica and Jeffrey argue with each other as they sit in the waiting room. That's nothing unusual because they always argue. David calls Jeffrey and says he is coming to the hospital to have a talk with his son. After overhearing the conversation, Veronica begins powdering her face to look good to see her estranged husband.

When the doctor comes to give an update on Melissa's condition, Veronica only wants to know about the baby. She told the doctor she didn't want to see Melissa. She was about to leave when she saw Katheryn Cryer who had come to the hospital to be with Hanna whose grandson had just died.

Hanna's grandson

Hanna is grieving over the death of little Quincy.

She sits there in the same bloody shirt she was wearing when he was shot. Viewers knew she was acting, but the grief and crying out to God seemed so real. Hanna told God he had some explaining to do. After all, she had been faithful and had been serving him most of her life, and she didn't deserve the pain she was enduring.

Katheryn tries to console her friend because she herself knows about the death of a child. Amanda killed herself way back in Season 2.

Wyatt's drug abuse

Wyatt almost died of a drug overdose and two professionals were staying with him at his apartment trying to help him; however, they were at the point where hospitalization was necessary.

They took Wyatt into the hospital slumped over in a wheelchair at the time Katheryn was there to visit Hanna.

Katheryn wanted to see Wyatt after he was taken to a room, but she was told she was not allowed to. First of all, Wyatt did not want to see her. Jeffrey calmed Katheryn down and told her that she was the cause of Wyatt's agitation, but he would make sure she could see her son when the time was right.

Three families with three different sets of problems all met at one hospital. Watch "The Haves and the Have Nots" every Tuesday on OWN at 9 p.m.