Angela Robinson discussed her role as Veronica Harrington on Tyler Perry's "The Haves and the Have Nots" with Ebony magazine. Robinson said working with Tyler Perry is a dream of a lifetime. She got the job a year and a half after being turned down for a role in another one of Perry's shows, "Meet the Browns."

Evolution of Veronica

When viewers first met Veronica Harrington in Season 1 in 2013, she was not as vicious as she is now. She was controlling then, but now she is ten times worse. She is also vindictive and manipulative to not only her own family but to everyone she comes in contact with.

She admits that her character has gotten meaner over the years.

Angela admits that Veronica is evil, but she hopes viewers will recognize her work as an actress and not the character she plays. It was horrible what she did to Melissa who had attempted suicide in last week's episode. Melissa slit her wrist and while she was bleeding to death Veronica kept slapping her trying to bring her back to consciousness. Then she calls her maid to catch a bus at 4 a.m. and come over to clean up the mess Melissa had made by bleeding on her $1,100 sheets.

Veronica does such horrible things that she asked Perry if her character will ever be nice. His answer was "Oh, No!" So viewers should expect more drama.

Angela said it would be a mistake to think Veronica will be kind and sweet because she loves the role she is playing, and viewers haven't seen her at her worst yet.

The evils she had done

Since "The Haves and the Have Nots" began, Veronica has been so cold and calculating that she is advertised as been "The Ice Queen." She set up Maggie Day to go into her house knowing that a killer was inside.

The woman was killed because Veronica thought she was after her husband. She set her own house on fire with her husband, David Harrington, inside, but he got out in time.

She fights constantly with her son, Jeffrey, because he is gay. She paid Melissa to go after Jeffrey because in Veronica's mind a woman could make him straight.

As a lawyer, she arranged for an inmate to rape Wyatt Cryer in jail. She let a criminal out of jail to go after Candace Young. That was a mistake because Candace ended up killing Quincy Maxwell to keep him from killing her.

Underneath all the bad that Veronica had done and intends to do, she is a wise woman. She is so good at being an attorney that even her enemies go to her for help when they are in trouble.

Angela Robinson is nothing like Veronica Harrington, but she loves playing the role. She wants you to watch her in action every Tuesday night at 9 p.m. on OWN.